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What is the blog all about?

The articles written here are some of my deepest thoughts and feelings, and also plenty of information on what I’m learning and how I believe it may help someone else who might be frustrated with their current progress while dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, or just plain not loving who you have become. It doesn’t take a lot of money or a lifetime to cure yourself. It takes an open mind, some desire, and the knowledge that very soon, you will no longer struggle with addictions or depression. Too many people have a “war on something” these days, but we’re not fighting a war on ourselves, we are looking inward, learning about the consciousness we’ve created, and putting forth the effort to make our own minds work for us and not against us. I’m not special, nor am I trying to be smarter or louder than anyone else, but I have taken the time to study the human mind/body connection and act on it from a completely different perspective, and the results have been far greater than positive. They have been life changing, and allow me to do more than just go to meetings for the rest of my life. Inevitably, I may piss off some supporters of some of old ideologies of recovery, but the path that I’m taking is 100% worth sharing because it is based on the latest science, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s never an argument but it is always a discussion worth having. I’ve learned to see things more objectively and hope to present myself in the same way. We can #BeHigherBeings and leave alcoholism, addiction and recovery behind and start living again.
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