Why would I name this blog #BeHigherBeings? The answer is simple. Most people on this planet have no idea what their full potential can be, including me. The fact that humans communicate as well as we communicate, have the ability to make decisions, and have the power to change the lives of other people, puts us in a unique position to do better for ourselves. We sometimes miss these opportunities to do better because we fill our lives with reality shows, internet porn, and constant streams of media, noise, and news. When added to life and the real problems that are already there, some people don’t stand a chance because we are never taught the tools to deal with our rapidly changing everyday lives. We hold in emotions until they come out at the wrong times often hurting other people and sometimes ourselves. That’s why it’s so hard to meditate at first. Most the time we don’t even know that we’re doing this until a substance we took or drank too much of, does it for us.

We tend to forget that we are higher beings, and that we do have a responsibility to ourselves and the rest of the planet, with all of the other life on it. We want to be louder than everyone and ‘righter’ (I know it’s not a word) than everyone else, often at the expense of logic and reason. We get so ingrained with thoughts and ideologies that have nothing to do with actual life, that we forget we’re human sometimes. At least, that’s what happened to me. Life became a shouting match in my head. Right vs. wrong. Healthy vs. bad for you and so on. I was constantly having to fight with myself even though I knew what I was doing was not benefitting me at all. That’s a side effect of alcohol that is not on the label. I almost became afraid of my thoughts because I didn’t know alcoholic Neil was going to come up with next. I’m not the only one.

“There is way more going on in your head than there is in reality”. Have you ever worked yourself up to the point of anger, sadness, or laughter… and you were only just sitting there? Do you know people that believe they have a disease as soon as they read about it? Some individuals invent psychosomatic illnesses, which can produce very real symptoms. We have the ability to create a reality that is all just a construct of or minds, but feels very real. The brain plays a huge part in controlling the body and it is so powerful,  we sometimes lose control over it. I don’t care about race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or life situation, and neither will addiction. Struggling with alcoholism or any addictions can affect anyone, because addictions don’t care what you look like, sound like, or smell like either. Many strong and healthy people that never had a drug or alcohol problem, can become addicts after situations like surgery or illness. They are prescribed addictive medications and pain killers, which also tells you how powerful the substances we put in our bodies can be. Nobody begins life as an addict or an alcoholic. We begin that process all by ourselves, until it becomes reality.

This blog is not a “How To”. It’s a discussion about how we are all human beings that have the opportunity to operate on a higher level if we choose to. At some point we should be able to move on from recovery and live life to the point where we can help other people get out of their situation. I’m just sharing the tools that helped me with the hope that you too will get something positive from it. #BeHigherBeings

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There is way more going on in your head that there is in reality. — Neil Firszt

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Having major success with the process I used to overcome addiction and alcoholism, I realized that I have much to share. I failed repeatedly with 12 step and conventional recovery programs and knew that there had to be a better answer. I believe that recovery should NOT take an entire lifetime to complete. I wanted to find or create a process that would not only cure my addictions, but also make me a healthy human being. What I came up with is a way to change the expression of the alcoholic gene! My methods and ideas, although slightly unconventional, have proved to be far more successful than any public programs I have come across. It doesn't take a lot of money to cure yourself. It takes an open mind, some desire, and the knowledge that very soon, you will no longer struggle with addiction or alcoholism.

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