There are three things that I would recommend while you’re recovering from addiction. Yoga, meditation, and ketosis. That’s right… ketosis. I am not trying to sell anyone on a ketogenic diet. I simply did a fair amount of research and found many benefits that have served me very well. When you stop eating processed sugars and carbohydrates, your body will run out of glucose to burn and start burning fat. When your body begins to break down fat and start burning it, ketones are created as fuel for your body and brain. When we drink excessively the way we do, alcohol is deadening spots in your brain. It’s causing brain damage. When your cells produce ketone bodies, your brain uses ketones as fuel instead of glucose.

“Although the implications of ketone body production by astrocytes are still unclear, the fact that astrocytes outnumber neurons approximately 9:1 and occupy at least 50% of the cerebral volume suggests this constitutes a quantitatively important pathway in the brain [31].”
What that means is that it may help rebuild the brain. When your brain is using ketones for fuel you are more focused and cognitive. Ketone bodies have been shown to repair cells. We have brain cells. We also have fat cells which will be used for energy instead of the sugar because your body burns what you give it. If you put carbohydrates into your body, they will turn into glucose and be used as energy. By putting fat into your body instead of carbs, your body will become fat adapted and start burning fat. Why do you care? To answer that, you must know that fat is basically storage for stress. Over use of alcohol causes stress and stressed out cells cause things like diabetes and cancer. If you are burning fat, there is no place for that stuff to store. At some point, any craving for alcohol also went away. That’s why I’m excited to share my experiences with you. But possibly the most important part of what I found, is that you can burn off the visceral fat stored around your organs. Why do we need stressed out cancer cells surrounding our organs? Why make our heart and the rest of our organs work harder than they have to? We don’t and we shouldn’t. Let everything heal.
I did enough damage to my organs when I drank. The thought of having the chance to repair those cells that make up my organs and burn the fat off along with it so they were able to function properly, sounded like an incredible idea. When I was in the hospital in 2016, they told me that as little as one more drink could kill me. That’s how bad it had become for me. I believed that all hope was lost for my health and that I was just going to try to hang on for as long as I could. Thank God I love science! After I stopped eating processed carbohydrates, everything started functioning better. I don’t know if I responded to it better than other people, but it changed my life. The results of my latest blood test were phenomenal. Everything was functioning at average or above average, and my cholesterol levels were fantastic. I seriously cried tears of joy when I saw the results, because I am essentially fixing the damage that excessive drinking caused my body. I am healthier now at 41 than I was at 25, I also look and feel better. It’s like having a new lease on life.
My complete speculation is that scientists and doctors will eventually present that prolonged states of anything are going to be bad for you. Whether you’re burning fat or glucose for too long, there will be issues with extended terms of both. So, to be in ketosis intermittently will probably end up being the best result for longevity. Think of it as a balanced diet without all the processed sugar and over consumption of breads and grains (Too simple?). I used ketosis to lose over 50 lbs., and get my body to function correctly, so I’m all for it. Scientifically it makes sense, especially on a quantum level. Each cell is made up much like the human body in its structure, it has it’s own tiny systems that work together to stay healthy. When you’re doing something different to each of your 37.2 trillion cells, you’re likely going to get a positive result. That’s why I would recommend giving it a few months or longer depending on your situation. I’m basing this entirely on the research I did and my personal results. Please do not do anything based solely on reading this article. If what I say, makes sense then start your own research. I’m not a doctor. These are my very simplified takes based off of my own personal results and research. You can click here for an explanation of what a cell is and learn about the different functions in its structure.

Structure And Function Of Human Cell Cell Structure And Function | Biol 141Click on pic for credit.
On to yoga. I take yoga stretches and incorporate them into my daily routine when I don’t follow a video or go to a class, which is most of the time. Doing these stretches opens up my muscles for the day and gives me a ton more energy and focus than I used to have. There’s thousands of videos on YouTube to get you started. It’s also a form of meditation because you’re so focused on your body. It’s a more mindful focus because you’re feeling everything stretch in that moment and it requires your attention. Meditating has worked very well for me too. I’ve been able to settle a lot of regressed emotions during meditation. Stuff I had no idea was an issue will still come up and I deal with it by letting the emotion run its course and not trying to wrestle with it. It’s going to win every time if you fight it, but you’re fighting with yourself so even if you win, you still lose. Let it go. It’s not worth hanging on to. I pictured my thoughts in a tornado and every time I let something go, the tornado would get smaller and less violent. Hopefully, this method can shed some light on how I learned. If not, I’m constantly finding new ways to explain things to better help people understand, so I’ll eventually find a way to explain it to you. It’s a major reason why comments are important to me.
All the information I shared with you is out there to be researched. As far as what I described as complete speculation, it is to be taken it for what it is, my speculation. I wanted to explain what ketosis did for me, because the results have been so incredible. I researched it, I came up with a plan and some expected results, and my expectations were met with even better results than I had hoped for. Any alcohol craving I had went completely away. I also realize that I combined a few things along the way like yoga and meditation. I’ll also go into what I learned about binaural beats and chakras in another article, because I think they played a big part in my recovery as well. There isn’t one thing that’s going to work, but if you combine different ways to be healthy rather than focus on the act of not drinking, your success rate might just go up. Have a Powerful Day!

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I am an author, life coach, blogger, and entrepreneur. I have studied many of the great thinkers, scientists, and influencers in areas of neuroplasticity, psychology, physical and spiritual health and healing, and emotional trauma. My experience with the darkest side of one of the most infamous addictions in alcoholism combined with just the right amount of black out and near death experiences has been my greatest opening into helping others. My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by helping them understand their stories and by leaving the old story and creating a new one, they will begin to start living again and realize how powerful they truly are.

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  1. Hey Neil,

    Do you plan on writing more about ketosis? I have started my research already but will be keen to start a diet plan using more of your practical knowledge on suitable and unsuitable food groups.

    1. Yes I will, but I’m not sure when I will post it. There are a few other things ahead of it in line. You can always email me with any questions.

  2. Very interesting, Neil. I am encouraged to make further healthy choices. For most of my life I have survived but now I am working on thriving. There is so much more to recovery than just putting the plug in the jug. Thank you.

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