Marijuana, an Essential Piece of the Puzzle Missing in Alcohol/Addiction Recovery Programs

mountaincannabisOne of the most important things we know about the studies done on marijuana is that it’s relatively safe, and since we know that it’s safe, we can self-experiment and apply the use on basically any human condition without much fear of something going wrong. I want to add another reason why marijuana should be legal, and by doing this, I also hope to dispel a major, widespread myth surrounding alcoholism, addiction, and marijuana. The common misconception is that once you become and alcoholic or addicted to something like opioids, that you’re going to be addicted to every substance for the rest of your life.
The craziest part is that with this misconception in mind, doctors across the country are giving people highly addictive medications like benzodiazepines to help them get through withdrawals. These pharmaceuticals hit the same receptors in the brain as alcohol, making their ‘addicted for life’ assessment true in a sense, and effectively never giving someone a real chance to recover…

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Published by Neil Firszt

Having major success with the process I used to overcome addiction and alcoholism, I realized that I have much to share. I failed repeatedly with 12 step and conventional recovery programs and knew that there had to be a better answer. I believe that recovery should NOT take an entire lifetime to complete. I wanted to find or create a process that would not only cure my addictions, but also make me a healthy human being. What I came up with is a way to change the expression of the alcoholic gene! My methods and ideas, although slightly unconventional, have proved to be far more successful than any public programs I have come across. It doesn't take a lot of money to cure yourself. It takes an open mind, some desire, and the knowledge that very soon, you will no longer struggle with addiction or alcoholism.

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