Where the Hell did My Addictions Come From???

I’m trying something new with videos and I don’t think it’s gonna stop! I figured what good is my writing if you can’t see my face or hear my voice? I want you guys to KNOW that you can recover fully fro this dis-ease, and I want you to see exactly how serious I am about YOUR recovery too!

If you notice that I write just like I speak, it’s meant to be that way. I want to connect with you on the page just like I would if you were in the room with me. I had a hard time making my first couple of videos because of my own bad programming so you guys are seeing a guy that’s not all that confident in front of the camera just yet… But that’s me using neuroplasticity to my advantage! I’m rewiring the old thought of “I can’t”, to the new thought of “of course I can!” Just like I did with my alcoholism.

Read: The Matrix Recovery Program

We’re all far more powerful than we have previously recognized thanks to the discoveries in neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics, and everyone should know just how powerful they really are.

So good or bad… here’s my face. Enjoy!


Research for a new book, a documentary, and many other projects is ongoing. The progress of what can be accomplished is moving forward quickly but I can’t do it alone nor do I want to. That’s where your donations come in! The goal is to help us better understand WHY people become alcoholics and addicts, and WHY we don’t need it doesn’t have to run our lives. I have been very successful in recovery and want to share what I have learned so other people may benefit and have similar results in their own sobriety. By incorporating human sciences (psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, etc.), I have been able to take sobriety to a whole new level. Many people who read what I write have gained insight to their own past behaviors and encouraged them to make the changes neccessary to fully recover! I want to expand on this and get more people involved with the programs I've written so that individuals can easily accomplish their goals of making lasting epigenetic changes. The U.S. spends over $400 Billion dollars annually on the substance abuse epidemic and the number is growing. The culture behind most current models of recovery is proving to do more harm than good, and because of the lack of formal research and anonymity of current programs, there is no way to tell the effectiveness of what they do. Many people feel lost in these programs because there is no real solution and most of the so-called guidance is based on fear of your addictions. This leads to relapse, anxiety, depression, and even the unimaginable... suicide. There are far more effective solutions to prevention and recovery and with your help, we can put them in the mainstream. There is no limit to how many times you can donate. Thank you for your support!



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