100 Days of BeHigherBeings. Day 1- Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Welcome to day 1 of 100 Days of BeHigherBeings!
I want to use the next 100 days to connect with you by documenting and sharing reflections, realizations, self-awareness, emotions, techniques to overcome ourselves, how we can grow and present ourselves coming from a place of love, and learning what it all means to the vision and future for BeHigherBeings.

How do we change the stories we tell ourselves? First we have to recognize the language we use when we’re telling our stories. I used to tell everyone that I would be dead by the age of 40 and it almost happened… time to change that story!
Thank you for joining me on this journey for day 1 of 100 to help clear some of the noise, connect the mind with the body, and move forward towards an unknown and exciting future.


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