Day 14- Boomerangs. 100 Days of BeHigherBeings. Changing the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Thank you for joining me on day 14 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! An insult is rarely given outwardly without having some personal fear or meaning behind it which makes it a boomerang rather than a dart. This means that when you judge someone, you’re either judging yourself or your fears and neither are productive. I’ve been realizing that apologizing, forgiveness, and sending out love have the same effect only far more beneficial!

Send an email to if you know how to get rid of that big fat bag under my right eye please! Lol 😂

I’ve also read that the emotion behind it might considered “love lost”, so if you know anything about face reading or energy healing, I would love to communicate!

Stay Powerful! #BeHigherBeings


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