So here we are, a little over three weeks into 2019. How’s it going so far?Are you still hanging on to the resolutions and promises that you made to yourself to start the new calendar year? Do you even remember what they are? Perhaps the most important question might be why you make them in the first place when every year seems to produce the same lack of results. You might be afraid not to…

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You know that there are certain areas that you want to change about your life and New Year’s always seems like the best time to do it because that’s when everyone else does the exact same thing! It’s in our comfort zone as human beings to follow along with the crowd when trying to make a change, but there’s another repetitive factor that no one seems to acknowledge, which is that everyone quits at the same time too! And it usually happens right about now unless they’ve already quit their haphazard resolutions that have no foundation except for the fact that it’s a new year. What’s your story?

In 2018, I created a program that can cure just about any addiction just by trying to cure my own! I lost 65 lbs. doing it, and I corrected all of the damage that was done to my organs caused by years of alcohol abuse! In fact, I was told by doctors that as little as one more drink could kill me in October of 2016! These were goals and intentions that were far above any New Years resolution, and because they had purpose, they became a reality.

But, believe it or not, my greatest personal accomplishments in 2018 didn’t come in the form of goal setting and achieving. They came from the hundreds of people I was able to literally help get out of their self created matrix and become physically and mentally healthy! I learned how to help other people by taking the right actions for myself and I just keep creating! I also learned that my personal growth will always be my biggest accomplishment.

So far in 2019, I have quit smoking cigarettes and started a podcast and have even done 4 episodes already! (Send me an email if you want to be on the show!) I’m also on day 14 of a commitment to myself to step up my meditation game and record 100 videos of self reflection because I want to work out my own thoughts, and maybe even see just how far I can take BeHigherBeings. The more I sit and do nothing in meditation, the more things get done… that’s how meditating works!

I have also taken BeHigherBeings to the next level in 2019, by creating its first 2 instructional videos that will teach you how to make the changes you want to make and how to make them stick!

The first instructional video is all about the step by step instructions that I call strides (steps… only bigger), that take personal transformation and 10X the results by learning what your self-sabotaging behaviors are and where they began. From there you’ll be able to start implanting the good habits and actions you want to take, and getting fast results that are long term solutions. By simply applying these strides to your everyday life, you’ll start seeing how our cluttered minds are setting limitations that are keeping our lives a repetitive cycle called your matrix, and then gives you the tools to see above and past your current situation to a much brighter and less stressful future!

The second BeHigherBeings video is something I call “Selfie Therapy.” I recently started doing this as a result of my 100 video commitment and it has been absolutely beneficial to how I communicate with myself and the world!

Selfie therapy came about because I sometimes lose my train of thought in the middle of making videos. And then one day, instead of turning it off and starting over, I just kept talking into the camera and that’s when the magic started to happen! As I kept talking, my thoughts started to get deeper and more honest than anything I normally say out loud, and I quickly noticed that I was able to express myself in a way that is much more in line with how I want to communicate. Actually speaking my thoughts and feelings to myself into the camera on a level that I don’t normally speak at, has begun to help me clarify what I think should and shouldn’t come out of my mouth.

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Honesty is the key for this lock to turn, because you will spit out plenty of tears and bullshit that don’t actually align with your thoughts and who you see yourself to be. The intention is to get these thoughts out verbally so they’re not stuck in your subconscious, and then end up coming out when you get nervous and have nothing else to say. You’re able to communicate all of this to yourself (subconscious), and work out what feels good to say instead of accidentally communicating the wrong message out of desperation.

The Selfie Therapy video is a great example of what can happen when you take the time and talk things out to yourself for a while! The only way to create an instructional video was to show you one of my own least embarrassing selfie therapy sessions. So the video you’re going to see is me being completely vulnerable and in my own head, trying to sort out the language I want to use to communicate with my subconscious… it also gets pretty funny at times. It’s definitely a scary thought to put out something that shows me so unguarded, but the whole point is to be comfortable in your own skin. If I can inspire you to get in touch with all sides of yourself, then it’s 100% worth a little embarrassment from me!

Here’s the deal… 

Fill out the contact form above with “free gift” in the comment field, and anything else you would like to write, and I’ll send you BOTH BeHigherBeings instructional videos absolutely FREE.

Not only will you receive these 2 videos, but you are also signing up to be on the BeHigherBeings email list, where you will get the best articles, tips, and all latest stress busting, life changing, waistline reducing techniques that I’m learning, researching, and testing… all in one place!

If you’re not sure if this is for you, here are just a few challenges these videos will help you overcome!

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Over Weight
  • Trapped Emotions/ Emotional Baggage
  • Bad Relationships (Family, Friends, Romantic)
  • Domestic Abuse (Verbal/Physical)
  • Smoking
  • Procrastination
  • Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Physical Health Issues
  • Understanding Yourself Better
  • Understanding Other People Better
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Lack of Self Worth
  • AND MORE!!!

Published by Neil Firszt

I am an author, life coach, blogger, and entrepreneur. I have studied many of the great thinkers, scientists, and influencers in areas of neuroplasticity, psychology, physical and spiritual health and healing, and emotional trauma. My experience with the darkest side of one of the most infamous addictions in alcoholism combined with just the right amount of black out and near death experiences has been my greatest opening into helping others. My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by helping them understand their stories and by leaving the old story and creating a new one, they will begin to start living again and realize how powerful they truly are.

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