Congratulations on making the choice to stop letting your addictions control your life. What’s your plan now? Do you have one or are you just going to tough it out? Here are some diet tips that will help change your body biologically, which will make eliminating your addictions much more successful and much faster than you might think. Since the trend in nature always seems to happen in threes, here are three tips that made a huge difference in changing how my body operates.

Let’s face it, most of us eat like shit and we know those nutritional habits need to change. You are trying to make a major change to your body and curb addictions, so why continue with the same diet that you’ve always had? For many people, the term “diet” means that you’re trying to lose weight, when in reality, a diet is the sum of what we as living organisms consume. What you eat will directly affect how you feel. We’ve heard this saying in some form or another since we were children, but do you know how true it really is?

Our bodies use what we consume for fuel just like our cars use the gas we put in the tank to operate correctly. You wouldn’t try to put sugar in your gas tank to make it run better because you would ruin your vehicle. The same thing applies to your body, we’re far more resilient than our cars, but we still need love. Whether you know it or not, you have been training your body to feel the way it feels right now. There is no pill to fix it if you’re feeling bad, you have to change what you put in your body to change how you feel. To change the way you feel, you must change the way you eat. We are a living organism that requires a certain amount of care when it comes to what our bodies intake.

The shiny bag that says “Extreme Cheese” or “Loaded with flavor” probably means zero nutritional value (I’m talking to you magical and wonderful Doritos). The energy drinks consumed by so many in excess plays havoc on the body in the same way. The most productive thought that helps me whenever I’m trying to accomplish my diet goals is, “If you can withdrawal from it, don’t put it in your body.”

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1. Fasting and intermittent fasting. Try not putting anything in your stomach for twenty-four to seventy-two hours and you’ll start to see the benefits very quickly. Fasting has been shown to not only increase weight loss and boost metabolism, but also provides benefits like better cognitive function, lower blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and something that often goes under the radar which is discipline.

Fasting does this by putting your body through a controlled amount of stress which forces it to search for unused energy to function properly. When the intake of food is missing, our bodies don’t have to burn the new calories and will get on the job of using up what we have stored already. Your body loves you and wants to keep you healthy, but has a hard time if it must work to find a way to process all the garbage that tastes so delicious.

Intermittent fasting can be a way to start teaching your body to function better by putting it through the same type of stressors while keeping your eating habits on schedule. I use intermittent fasting nearly every day and honestly feel better at forty-one years old than I did when I was twenty-five, and it’s super freakin’ easy to do. What works for me, is giving myself a four or six hour window in which to eat. I set an alarm on my phone for noon to let me know my six hours has begun, and then another one at six p.m. to signify the end of feeding for the day. All you’re really doing is teaching your body to function how it’s supposed to without it having to fight to process the nonsense we call food. Research the different types of fasting and see what’s right for you.


2. Processed sugar and carbs are killing us. Our bodies have a hard time processing all the nonsense we feed it and could really use a break, and let’s be honest, you don’t need it, you want it. Sugar hits certain pleasure centers and will make you feel good for a short time, but as we build a tolerance, we need more and more to get those pleasure centers going and then we have cravings. Keep feeding your body foreign substances like processed sugar and carbohydrates, and it will continue to resist all the changes you’re trying to make. Bread and pasta are two of the biggest culprits in our processed food intake, because refined grains are said to be just as bad as refined sugar.

You have stored carbs and sugar in your body right now that, once your body learns to function without it, you will begin to feel much less of a desire to binge on your favorite garbage. Non-processed sugar comes untouched from nature, like in whole fruit (not juice) or honey, and should really be the only sugar that we intake, especially if we are trying to fix what we broke.

3. Repair your biological body. Did you know that the human body can repair itself? Of course, you knew that because you have recovered from most every sickness or illness that you’ve ever had. We are made up of roughly fifty to one-hundred trillion cells that all have the ability to repair themselves, not with prescriptions, but by changing the way our cells function with our diet. When you stop the intake of sugar, mainly processed sugar, your body will start burning off your stored fat and create ketone bodies that repair damaged cells caused by years of treating our stomachs like a dumpster.

Ketones have been shown to improve cognitive function and are key for burning the fat you can’t see. I lost a total of sixty-five lbs. using this process and completely dissolved and cravings and desire to drink. There are guidelines on how to create ketones, but how you get there is ultimately up to you. When I started the ketogenic diet, people would try to convince me that it was wrong or dangerous. But most of those people were pretty out of shape and unhealthy looking and just wanted to their opinion to be heard, which can sometimes feel like watching a greeter at Walmart trying to tell Elon Musk how to build a Tesla.

And because I learned to not listen to self-serving advice that people like to give, I was able to repair my liver and kidney functions along with lowering my cholesterol to repair the damage alcohol did to my heart. My most recent blood test showed a complete turnaround compared to when I was drinking.

Do you have to be on any one diet forever? Nope… I use ketosis a “go-to” that I’ve been able to get back to anytime that I feel that I’ve let myself stray too far from healthy. Think of food as information and that you’re teaching your body how to operate correctly by feeding yourself better intelligence through the intake of necessary fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Remember that your body stores the data you’ve been feeding it for your entire life and by changing the intake of information (food), you will teach your body a brand new way of living. We are natural organisms trying to put unnatural things into our systems because that’s what is being sold to us.  Stop fighting what your body wants and needs by thinking the latest in food tech will bring your recovery to the promise land because chances are, it won’t.

You are a powerful being that can change anything you want to about yourself and your body. Stop feeding your body fake news, and start paying attention to your health, not your addictions.

STAY POWERFUL! #BeHigherBeings

Published by Neil Firszt

I am an author, life coach, blogger, and entrepreneur. I have studied many of the great thinkers, scientists, and influencers in areas of neuroplasticity, psychology, physical and spiritual health and healing, and emotional trauma. My experience with the darkest side of one of the most infamous addictions in alcoholism combined with just the right amount of black out and near death experiences has been my greatest opening into helping others. My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by helping them understand their stories and by leaving the old story and creating a new one, they will begin to start living again and realize how powerful they truly are.

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