All of our addictions come mainly from one source and that is our self-created matrix, our very own prison. Let’s be honest, everything you own, every habit you have, every little twitch, involuntary movement, random thought, and indecision has you by the balls and it’s not letting go. Actually, you’re not letting go of it. We often feel like we are prisoners bound by our stress, anxiety, and depression, but in reality, we are the prison that won’t let go of the prisoners. All our addictions come from the prisoners in this prison, but instead of letting the emotions we hold captive go free, we hang onto them and claim them as our identity. When these imprisoned feelings begin to surface as stress and anxiety, is when we start looking to something external to distract us from what we are unwilling to deal with and push our unwanted feelings down even further. The problem is that our external solutions are overcrowding the prison because they’re creating even more problems. The prison is our subconscious and the prisoners are our feelings and emotions, which are the end result of an experience.

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Think of the prison of withdrawals of any kind, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, I’ll use alcohol in this case, it begins to make even more sense. Your body believes that it needs alcohol to survive, when all the booze is really doing is keeping your emotional prisoners intoxicated with false happiness, so they don’t cause you any pain for a while. Then when you decide to quit drinking for good, the emotional prisoners inside your subconscious respond to the lack of happiness by trying to take over and produce the same chemical reactions your body was making when you were drinking, only there is no way it can complete that task, so in trying to overwork itself, you get withdrawals. You have trained your body to believe that alcohol is a necessity (to keep the prisoners at bay) and now it’s trying to produce the same chemical makeup without the alcohol, so it becomes dangerous, and even deadly to stop drinking by yourself because your body can’t handle it.

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 Keeping emotional prisoners doesn’t only effect alcoholism or substance abuse by any stretch of the imagination. Addictions come in all forms to choose from, like overeating, gambling, social media, porn, anger, depression, anxiety, drama, lying, 24/7 news, hate, and just about every human trait that we are trying to change about ourselves… that we also created by ourselves… but are too afraid to admit to ourselves that these feelings may bein our subconscious. So, every time there is an uneasy feeling in our gut, we turn to the nearest solution that works best so we don’t have to deal with it. It makes sense that if we never had those emotional prisoners, we would never feel the need to over indulge in anything, but if we don’t know how to let go of the past, or respect the consequences of the future, then they will always be there.

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The process starts when we’re kids and never lets up, itactually gets much worse into adulthood. It’s that, “What can I be doing, that is not what I’m currently doing, to distract me from my problems right now?” question that we’re always asking ourselves, but then never listening to the answer. We’re blind to what our own bodies are telling us which is evidenced every year on a massive scale during flu season. Instead of just listening to how they’re feeling and staying home to do some actual healing, people want to find some external solution (pharmaceutical) so they can keep going, and then contaminating everything and everyone in their path. Not to go overboard but… the flu virus kills people every year and if your running around contaminating your environment, you’re adding to the problem, not saving your boss’s company. The addiction to the feeling of accomplishment when you’re sick doesn’t come from you, it comes from the cultural hypnosis we’re all under where we think it’s okay to treat ourselves like shit for a paycheck. We let our self-created matrix have our loyalty… we give it to things like social media, binge watching, political debates, electronics, streaming negative news, etc., instead of giving it to our inner selves. It’s no wonder there is a major alcohol, drug, and pharmaceutical epidemic in the world, we have no idea who we are! But the problem is still not the substance or the distraction, even though they need to get out of our lives for a while too.

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Your addiction is not to alcohol, or drugs, or food, etc., it’s to the pain that comes from using those substances that you’re addicted to. At some point when you were a kid, you had an experience, most likely many, that you stuck in your subconscious as a bad event. That event was recorded as a certain chemical makeup that reproduced every time you thought about said event. If you continued to think about that experience and all the ways it could have gone wrong, you would be recreating variations of the same chemical makeup over and over again until you became addicted to it. At some point, you would run out of ways to think about what happened and start identifying new events as similar to that one, creating a familiar chemical makeup solidifying the addiction even further. Need more? Add drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling, food, anger, worry, or any number of additional chemicals to combine with the emotional pain, and you’re outwardly addicted to your drug of choice and the true addiction is all but forgotten by your subconscious. After a while the only thing that can feed your internal addictions is the guilt from giving into your external addictions.

Do you remember the last argument you had that ended a relationship? In a lot of cases ending a relationship can be good, but there are still huge emotions involved, and people more often than not try to hurt each other verbally. Could the argument have been cut short by simply not responding to the other person or just letting it go? In most cases, yes, but our ego (subconscious beliefs) takes over and can extend an argument over days and weeks, or even to the point of ending a relationship or friendship. The only reason that relationship ended is a chemical addiction to whatever belief is tattooed into yoursubconscious mind and nothing else. It actually doesn’t matter who is wrong or right, it’s just two people that are more addicted to their beliefs (subconscious addictions), than they are to each other. And then to hide the pain of whatever was lost in that relationship, many people turn to something external to make them feel better, but it only feels good for a moment and the true cause of the suffering remains. We are all hanging on to outdated subconscious beliefs that no longer serve us, which is the issue that needs to be treated when it comes to addiction. We need to let the emotional prisoners out and stop identifying with them or the anxiety that causes cravings will never go away.

Think of all the lessons in history, health, and science we were taught when we were kids that we now know are bullshit. For example, how did they leave Nikola Tesla out of the story of electricity throughout my entire career as a teenager? That seems like some really important information to know when you’re an impressionable student learning about how the world works. It’s a silly example but I use it because school was a big part of growing up for all of us, and there might be thousands of subconscious beliefs that you’re operating under without your knowledge that comes from bad information like that. Most might be tied to just one that is making a lot of your bad decisions for you, but you need to know how to find those emotions and release them.

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Alcoholism, addiction, obesity, anxiety, depression, and even diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer are all manifestations of this self-created matrix. These are the ways that your body is telling you to pay attention to yourself and it’s time to listen. In fact, it’s been estimated that 75%-90% of all doctor visits are related to stress but are still trying to treat stress with pharmaceuticals, which is creating a larger addiction epidemic! 

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I didn’t just recover from alcoholism… I kicked all cravings for alcohol by finding the cause and where they were coming from, I lost 65 lbs. by finding the cause of my tendency to eat like an asshole and treat my body like shit, and I reversed all the damage done to my organs caused by excessive alcohol abuse that was caused by my unknown subconscious beliefs that were driving me to fail. This program kicked an awful lot of subconscious programming to the curb for me and I can help you too! I’m currently working with alcoholics, cancer patients, people with depression and anxiety, people who are bad in relationships, and people that just want out of their old belief system that is causing life to seem so difficult at times. So, I want to offer The Matrix Life Balance Program to anyone looking to get out of their current matrix no matter what it is! Remember that it’s not the problem that is the problem, it’s the source of the problem that’s the problem, and the Matrix program helps you find the source of all your bullshit. We’re not fighting against anything… we’re letting go of the unnecessary.

With the success of my 3-week online course for alcoholism, I’m doing 6-week courses that will consist of 2 calls per week in which we’ll go over how to make the changes needed to get you out of your matrix like I got out of mine. I do a lot of 1 on 1 but would love to get a group together where everyone could use the support the most. It would be nice to have a plan in place to keep cool during a stressful time of year. Please send me an email and I’ll send you 2 BeHigherBeings instructional videos on how to get started for FREE.

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