The human physical form is made up of roughly 50 – 100 trillion cells and each one of those cells is producing 100,000 different chemical reactions every second of every day that we’re alive! Can you imagine what our lives would be like if our conscious thought was the force behind such a massive mathematical equation every single second of every day? Where would anybody find the time to scroll through social media, complain about the weather, pick sides in politics, promote war, or be racist or bigoted towards anyone that was different than they are?

There would be no time or need to stress about an arbitrary deadline that was made up out of thin air for that thing your boss says he or she needs by 4 o’clock or the company might just go out of business. Trying to manage the alchemy and electrical signals in your body would simply take center stage, and we would know that our purpose is far more than having the right font for the presentation that is supposed to impress the “big wigs”. Nobody would care about considering themselves better than others by hitting sales goals that were set by a standard that isn’t theirs, or even what celebrities photoshopped their pictures on Instagram, because we would be too busy telling our heart to beat and our lungs to breathe. These are just a few examples of course, of the nonsense that we as human beings choose to focus much of our time and energy on, since we’re fortunate enough to not have to manage or be aware of how this magical existence we call life really works.

But here we are, trying to live up to standards that were taught to us by the environment we’re born into, striving to fit in with the rest of society, often at the expense of our own health and sanity. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you really care about any of it? Look at popular culture these days and you’ll see exactly what I mean. I’ll give you my own example with the Chicago Cubs just so I don’t shit on your mentally unstable love for the Kardashians, or misguided belief that whoever’s in government has anything to do with how to improve your daily life. It’s easier just to give you my own embarrassing stupidity and you do what you want with it from there.

I was a life long Cubs fan (still a fan) and believed that it was my destiny to see them win a World Series in my lifetime, and I wasn’t alone in this either. Far too many others, from young, to very old, to very very old, believed the same fucked up nonsense as it has been well documented in the years leading up to the inevitable win. This sick belief was cemented in my subconscious even further when my dad died way back on Father’s Day of 2000, because one of the big things we all talked about, and cried about, is how he would never get the chance to see it! I lived and died with the Cubs and all of their ups and downs, which contained many more downs than ups, hoping that my dad was somewhere being proud of me for sticking with them. And by the time 2016 rolled around, a month after my final trip to the hospital for alcohol detox… they won it all.

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This was supposed to be it. This is where everything was finally going to be redeemed in my mind. I finally had a Cubs World Series to be proud of! But wait… what? I had nothing at all when they won. I had shit to show for it, except for an alcohol problem (I used it as an excuse to drink but it was not the cause), because I wasn’t on the team, which means being a fan, I had accomplished nothing. This didn’t seem fair to my perception at the time, because I watched all my White Sox fan friends celebrate in 2005, and craved that feeling! Like a dumbass, I thought that I would cry tears of pure joy, and that it would feel like something I had never experienced before, releasing all of the tension that was stored up over the years, and being rewarded for being such a die hard fan for an entire lifetime. And you know what? I think my expectations were way too high for how I thought a sports team should make me feel.

Sure I was happy for them, but it changed absolutely nothing in my life, and the only thought in my mind was “Okay dad… they won. Isn’t this supposed to feel different?” I watched the team hanging out with Bill Murray and Eddie Vedder, and as they celebrated by drenching each other in champagne and beer, I laughed thinking, “those guys are having so much fun, I bet they’re all gonna get laid tonight.” But millions of people are got laid that night too… so what? Moron. They were having so much fun because it was their accomplishment, and that’s when I knew I had put way too much time and effort into being a fan. What else was I wasting my time, energy, and life on?

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The answer is nearly everything. By the age of 35, an estimated 95% of our day is made up of the same thoughts and actions that we had the day before. So not only is your subconscious controlling 100,000 chemical reactions in 100 trillion cells every second we’re alive, we’ve also allowed it to take over 95% of our “free will” daily thoughts and actions without us even knowing it. Check the browser history on your computer and you’ll get why this is true, because for most people, it’s all the same garbage as the day before except for a few random Google searches here and there.

There is no real judgement that should be associated with what we choose to spend our time doing, or with some of the craziness that peaks our interest. But, this article is to inform you gently, based on my experience and countless hours studying human consciousness, there may come a point in your life when none of it will garner your attention like it used to. And you’ll end up being left holding and empty bag that can’t be filled with your external environment. In case you’re wondering how long human consciousness needs to be studied, the answer would probably be a lifetime, so I don’t believe that my opinion would be superior to anyone else’s, because anything I say or write is still my perception of how this works out in my life.

Thankfully, it’s a long life that we have to live and we’re certainly going to make what we will perceive as many mistakes along the way. The most important part is that we get to choose our input, and what we consider as mistakes whether society says we should feel guilty for them or not. Over the past couple of years, I’ve stopped trying to be so devoted to societal distractions like television and hometown sports teams, because I’ve found that I’m able to fulfill myself by being in love with who I am, who my son is, and the true love and joy that I can now see in the hearts of many people I talk to, as soon as I find my way through the façade.

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When I gave myself a chance to know myself by meditating and actually paying attention to my daily thoughts and actions (mindfulness/self-awareness), I realized I can like the things I like, but I’m better off when I don’t make them my identity. And a sometimes harsh realization that most of it is a ridiculous distraction makes it that much easier to stop focusing so much of my attention on nonsense. It seems like a waste of all that math and magic that’s happening behind the scenes just to keep this mind and body running to squander time hating or being in love with things out of my control. Either way, you do you, but do it with yourself at the wheel, and not under the hypnosis of society’s intentions. There’s a lot more to life than what is presented to us as popular culture. #BeHigherBeings





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My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by understanding their limiting stories and learning to leave them behind. This leaves the space for creating new stories, goals, hopes, and dreams that align with who you are today, not who you once were . In doing so, you will begin to live again and realize how powerful you truly are.

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