Thanks for checking out day 47 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! It occurred to me that if I was actually running things in my head that my thoughts would be much different and definitely more productive. Nobody would choose to be angry, worried, anxious, or fearful if we had control of our emotions in every situation, so why do we react so poorly to the smallest of difficulties sometimes? This is the mind and body unconsciously running your thoughts and actions when you’re not paying attention and it happens far more often than we think!


Published by Neil Firszt

I am an author, life coach, blogger, and entrepreneur. I have studied many of the great thinkers, scientists, and influencers in areas of neuroplasticity, psychology, physical and spiritual health and healing, and emotional trauma. My experience with the darkest side of one of the most infamous addictions in alcoholism combined with just the right amount of black out and near death experiences has been my greatest opening into helping others. My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by helping them understand their stories and by leaving the old story and creating a new one, they will begin to start living again and realize how powerful they truly are.

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