Thanks for checking out day 49 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! We do so many unconscious actions throughout the day like brush our teeth, wash our hands, walk up and down stairs, drive a car… you get the idea. Going through these actions unconsciously, gives our worry producing minds a chance to run wild with our thoughts and create anxiety throughout the day. Being conscious in our unconscious activities will lessen the minds chances of trying to create havoc in our thoughts because being present won’t allow that worry, fear, or guilt, to penetrate the right now.


Published by Neil Firszt

My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by understanding their limiting stories and learning to leave them behind. This leaves the space for creating new stories, goals, hopes, and dreams that align with who you are today, not who you once were . In doing so, you will begin to live again and realize how powerful you truly are.

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