Day 60- This Is Stupid! 100 Days Of BeHigherBeings. Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Thanks for checking in on day 60 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! Imagine this… you’re all excited to do something new, something you have never done before, but as soon as you start, there’s a little voice in your head that says “This is stupid!” And all of a sudden, you lose your excitement, agree with the voice, and the thing you wanted to do becomes more like a chore! Aaaaaannnd then you quit, or do it half heartedly and complain about how dumb the thing you did was to everybody you know, which is only creating a negative belief for later anxiety and aggravation. We get that voice all the time and it sets our limitations without our knowledge. But what if you knew that inside, you were bigger than the voice? How many great possibilities would there be in your life if that voice didn’t exist? Watch my favorite video so far…. and see how I’m learning how to shut that voice right the fuck up!



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