The Bullshit Machine. #1 Who I Am

Welcome to “The Bullshit Machine”
This is the first video in a brand new series of videos that I’ve chosen to put together for the purpose helping people not just manage their anxiety… but to break out from all of their fears, depression, symptoms of anxiety, blocks, barriers, bad relationships, and more! I want you to realize just how powerful you really are so you can start creating the life you want to live! In this video, I explain who I am, and the road I took to get here. Think your anxiety is bad??? Watch this video and learn just how deep I was in my own story of depression, alcoholism, and hopelessness, so you know just how much I have resonated with those feelings and what you can accomplish by listening to what I’m saying about my real life journey, lessons from people and clients I’ve interacted with, and the massive amount of information I’ve learned about how our minds can sabotage our lives when we identify with the bullshit machine.



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