Our egos likes to win, and when it can’t win against it’s outer environment (family, friends, boss, etc.), it’s going to turn around and start winning against you. It’s the B.S. monster that we all created inside ourselves, that judges and blames it’s environment for its problems and then invents new reasons to resist life, making some people scared to even walk outside. The bullshit machine is constantly playing the resistance game with us, bringing up our past in the form of thoughts of failure, hopelessness, and blame, and then claims it was right when you do fail. That’s how it wins… the ego is always right. At least, it is until it isn’t. Find out how the resistance game works and what you can do to practice, so you can start winning at your life!

Welcome to The Bullshit Machine


Published by Neil Firszt

Having major success with the process I used to overcome addiction and alcoholism, I realized that I have much to share. I failed repeatedly with 12 step and conventional recovery programs and knew that there had to be a better answer. I believe that recovery should NOT take an entire lifetime to complete. I wanted to find or create a process that would not only cure my addictions, but also make me a healthy human being. What I came up with is a way to change the expression of the alcoholic gene! My methods and ideas, although slightly unconventional, have proved to be far more successful than any public programs I have come across. It doesn't take a lot of money to cure yourself. It takes an open mind, some desire, and the knowledge that very soon, you will no longer struggle with addiction or alcoholism.

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