Welcome to the bullshit machine! Anxiety is the condition in which your bullshit machine comes up with things that are “wrong” in your environment, and begins to search for an answer of how to fix it. Not sure if you believe that??? Have you ever been alone, heard a noise, and freaked out? Yeah… nothing was wrong 2 seconds before you heard the noise, but now “something is wrong”, so our ego goes to check it out just to make sure you’re safe. And when you realize you are safe, your bullshit machine can turn on you and make you feel bad for overreacting! I’ve been there… I get it. The moment it lands in your soul that “nothing is wrong”, it creates the space for unlimited possibilities to start showing up in your life! There’s nothing wrong with the way you think and act… Its just that the way you think and act creates how your life looks to you. You’re far more powerful than you “think”!


Published by Neil Firszt

My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by understanding their limiting stories and learning to leave them behind. This leaves the space for creating new stories, goals, hopes, and dreams that align with who you are today, not who you once were . In doing so, you will begin to live again and realize how powerful you truly are.

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