In this video, I’m explaining to you, the best way I can, the easiest, most basic way to “get” meditation.

The most basic way is simply sitting and feeling your body as the sensations created by your thoughts and emotions keep funneling through with as little judgement as possible about anything that’s happening.

There’s a tiny secret to judging less, and it’s to make your urges less important than your ego thinks they need to be in that moment.

For example: What if you made the urge to get up out of meditation and send an email to Gary in sales, WAY less important than your own connection to yourself.

What if the urge to send the email is really you just getting some type of subconscious approval from your parents for doing a good job, and sitting through it was going to help you stop people pleasing all the time?

What if by looking at that urge as unnecessary to fulfill, and made the “good job” your ego would receive “LESS IMPORTANT” than it thinks it needs to be, you just allowed it to be there and just “listened” to what it has to say?

Maybe that’s the thing that’s been trying to get your attention for the past 15 years and all it needs is some love, and unless you love having it around… it would kindly like to be on it’s way.

It’s all in the video. Love you guys!


Published by Neil Firszt

My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by understanding their limiting stories and learning to leave them behind. This leaves the space for creating new stories, goals, hopes, and dreams that align with who you are today, not who you once were . In doing so, you will begin to live again and realize how powerful you truly are.

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