I’ve meditated for 3 hours every morning for the past 17 days and the content just seems to flow like a river!

As I sit and listen to silence, I’m adapting to the sensations in my body which allows me to transcend fear and emotional pain stored from childhood, and evolve into a new state of being that lets me create from possibility rather than fear.

Understanding what is so, and not chasing fearful thoughts as they pass or creating impossible “what if” scenarios, sets your ego aside and gives you permission to use that “chasing” energy to create your life from a place of well being rather than the old story that created your current situation.

As many of us are quarantined and so many questions unanswered, I believe the Universe is asking humanity to look inward, as our Source wants to know itself deeper, and is doing so by leaving us with little choice but to purge our bullshit.

This is video is my favorite until the next favorite comes! Enjoy!

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Published by Neil Firszt

My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by understanding their limiting stories and learning to leave them behind. This leaves the space for creating new stories, goals, hopes, and dreams that align with who you are today, not who you once were . In doing so, you will begin to live again and realize how powerful you truly are.

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