Dear Infinite, Powerful, and Beautiful Beings of Earth-

There’s a major truth about this pandemic that most people have been unwilling to look at, which is humanity’s fear of life that’s being masked as the fear of death.

There are roughly 7.7 billion people walking the planet with each of us being our very own unique expression of life itself, but hardly anyone treats it that way, and many because they never get the chance. Instead, a great deal of us are born into a world full of people fighting for what they believe in, or fighting against what they don’t want to happen, and are seemingly left to fix what the previous generation “broke”.

We’re told things like, “once the “insert your political party here” get in office again, things will be better”, and “this used to be such a nice neighborhood until the “insert a race of people you were taught to hate here” moved in, or even, “be careful of the opposite sex, they’re always trying to ruin your life.” There’s also the expectations set by our parents that are based on their successes or their failures, and we as children take the reins and either try not to disappoint them or fight like hell against being like them.

What we don’t know, and neither did our parents who taught us, or their parents who taught them and so on, is that fear based obstacles are being put in front of us that don’t need to be there. During ages 0 through 2ish, we’re in an accelerated learning download period as our brains are primarily operating in “delta” which is similar to hypnosis. This is important to know because it’s a major part of our patterns and behaviors that’s not our fault because we are operating below consciousness.

Around age three, we begin to move into “theta” which is still below consciousness but still a “hypnosis like” accelerated learning state, only it allows us to mimic our environment. This is also about the time when daycare, preschool, and kindergarten begin, and our personalities begin to take shape. We’re meeting new friends and their parents, being introduced to teachers and other care takers, and learning what we learn from whatever the TV is teaching us.

By this time in our lives, we’re not only hearing the victim stories and tales of triumph from our parents, but now there are many adults to learn that “life is hard” from. We also get to learn everyone’s likes and dislikes, what’s okay and not okay, how to act and how not to, etc., and since everyone goes through the same programming period, all of those opinions can vary greatly.

Throw in the TV news that your parents love to watch, political debates, reality television, judge shows, talk shows, cop dramas, action flicks, horror films, and broken heart love stories they think you’re not paying attention to, and it’s apparent how overwhelming this can be to a child. It’s programming your mind to think other people are the problem, or that there even is a problem.

“Thanks for the childhood information Neil, but what the hell does it have to do with being afraid of death?” See? You weren’t paying attention. I stated that much of humanity is afraid of living life and it’s masked as a fear of death. Let’s continue now that you’re refocused.

What eventually happens is that all of this information becomes all the things we focus on, protect against, and put our energy towards. This means that the energy we used to create and be true to ourselves as children, gets lost in the obligation to others and what they want us to be obligated to, and learn to force our obligations on others. You can also toss in our perception of what all of this input means to us, along with the peer pressure of trying to fit in and be a part of something into the mix, and before you know it, we’re left trying to figure out who we are and what our purpose is in this existence.

Most of us only know to carry all of this into adulthood because we aren’t taught anything else for lack of knowledge, and learn to look outside of ourselves for an answer with the guidance of the people that brought us into this world. “You need to be this when you grow up so people like you.” is a good one. “Make a ton of money and you’ll never be unhappy.” is a big fat lie many people believe, and, “Don’t trust anyone, but you need to find the right person to marry.”

Now, life is scary, which makes death scary too because we start to feel like time could run out on us at any moment. We think we need to accomplish all, or most, of what our parents and mentors told us what we need to accomplish so we can “be something” in our lives with no real internal reason to do so, except that it was advice, and the clock ticks.

There ends up being little joy in our lives because we’re so focused on fixing what others said was broken in us and around us, so when we do find joy, it usually comes in the form of an external addiction. Most of us have no idea that what we’re really addicted to, but it’s the thing that causes our external addictions. We’re addicted to the subconscious need to either please, or rebel against our parents and other so-called authority figures in one form or another. If you just fought that mentally, that’s the subconscious programming at work. Keep reading.

Looking to a politician or news media to give you “the truth” and keep you safe about a virus that your immune system is designed to protect you against? You’re subconsciously programmed to do so because that’s exactly what you learned to do when you were not able to choose. Keeping the programming going, if you hear “The most trusted news source”, blaring out of the radio and TV for 20 years, and your parents believed it was true, there’s a huge chance that you’ll believe what you hear without question from that source, much like the way religion works. It’s only part of your programmed beliefs, which don’t make them true, also like religion.

If your parents spent any time arguing politics and policies, you’ll either agree or disagree to whatever point you perceive and put a blind faith into the direction you choose. That’s one reason “stay home, stay safe” caught on so quickly. Either way, we learn to find our identity in our external lives before we ever get a chance to see what life is like without all the noise and input. We keep searching harder and farther, battling contradictions, thoughts, and opinions that we’re not sure why we’re gravitating towards or moving away from.

During our journey in this experience of life, we are bound to see some of our loved ones perish, and it hurts, and it is also a part of life. I saw both of my parents go within 18 months of each other in my early adult life and unknowingly carried the pain around for nearly 20 years in the form of alcoholism and being an asshole. My best friends’ dad die when I was 12, and I was lost because he was so much like a father to me when my dad wasn’t. All of my grandparents have crossed, some cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, and the public mourning’s of countless celebrities and public figures, and each one affected me differently.

So many times, I heard, “they had so much to live for!”, and, “they went before their time”, and all the other shit people say when someone dies, but after a while I wondered where was the evidence in that? The answer is that there is no evidence, and what happens between us, our loved ones, and the Universe is not something we’re probably going to get to know while we’re here.

We have almost no idea of what happens when we die, and accepting that is much more peaceful and fulfilling than fighting against it. We have no clue whether it’s the worst thing that can happen to us or if it’s actually our true homecoming, so to speak. We’re afraid of something we don’t know what it’s like to experience, and some are willing to change the way life works for the whole planet so they can stay at home, binge watch Netflix, and not be bothered with feelings and emotions. Thus, not experiencing life. “That’s what she said!” What? Damn Netflix!

Truthfully, we can only experience the fear of not being on this planet and what our minds might make up that will happen to our loved ones if we’re gone, or to us if they are. Our fear of death is our selfish way of fearing and trying to avoid the emotions that come with the experience of life. It’s how we think we’ll feel when that person is gone that we’re afraid to experience. It’s the regret and resentment we carry, the loss of the chance to forgive or be forgiven, and the dependence we lost or the independence we never wanted to gain that hurts as emotions. It has nothing to do with the actual death.

Yes, I miss everyone in my life who has crossed over. No, I don’t want to experience that pain of loss more often than I need to, and no, I don’t want you or your loved ones to leave this planet either. But I also know that carrying around the pain of losing the people I love has caused me a life they never would have wished on me. I also know that carrying around the fear of losing someone can cause me to give my power away to fear of living my own life and take away from the infinite, powerful, and beautiful being this universe created.

I’m also more than sure that there is no media outlet politician, government, or government action that has my best health interests in their best interests. I’ve woken up from that program, that one was easy. There’s always a choice when it comes to life, and I choose to live it and hope others see this as an invitation to do the same.

What kind of life is loving our loved ones without hugs, kisses, interaction, human bonding and connection? One that I might fear.

We have a choice to either stay in the programs that cause so much pain when we think about death, or we can live our lives fully and keep death in the background. I’ve learned to have the healthy notion that no matter what happens, it’s eventually going to happen, and I can love this life by living it as heathy as I wish.

Living joyfully and loving our loved ones while they’re here is actually one of the best ways to stay healthy. The chemicals our bodies make that come from emotions like love and gratitude, are truly healing us every time we experience them. Looking inside ourselves and appreciating this life for what it is, who we are right now, and understanding that we don’t have to forcefully tell others how to live their lives to keep ourselves safe is another mentally and physically healthy action we can take.

Nothing weakens our immune system more than fear, especially when it’s fed to us, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s fear for ourselves or our loved ones. Fear of living, and how others live, is masked as our own fear of death and our programs are seeking the input of others projecting their fears onto the rest of the planet. At least, it is until you’re willing to recognize the program.

What if there was nothing to fear? Because there isn’t. Just ask a dead person who has nothing to fear anymore. They might be more alive than ever.

Mr. Firszt’s Opus


Published by Neil Firszt

My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by understanding their limiting stories and learning to leave them behind. This leaves the space for creating new stories, goals, hopes, and dreams that align with who you are today, not who you once were . In doing so, you will begin to live again and realize how powerful you truly are.

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