The Universe is shifting from our familiar 3-D consciousness into 5-D consciousness and Life is asking all of us to BeHigherBeings right now, which comes with more responsibility than we’ve ever known.

We can choose to give our power away to the judgement and hate that shows up while keeping up with the news and being triggered by all the things that the bullshit machine disagrees with.

Or we can use that energy to understand that the feelings inside of us are our own and that we can understand them without forcing our frustrations into our environment which gives the collective more to fight against.

What you see crumbling down around you is our addiction to the 3-D EGO structures trying to stay relevant, like greed, racism, fear, politics, our food chain, media, competition, hate, sexism, enabling, separation, and the “gotta have more than everyone else” mentality.

The Universe is asking us to let it go while it clears the space for 5-D consciousness which is rooted in love, gratitude, compassion, understanding, joy, support, and oneness.

The shift is happening with or without us and your opinion about what’s happening on the outside doesn’t matter.

How you choose to feel about how you feel about yourself internally does matter, so choose what shows up inside and love it with all of your heart.

The only way to change what’s happening on the outside of you is to change what’s happening on the inside of you.


Published by Neil Firszt

My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by understanding their limiting stories and learning to leave them behind. This leaves the space for creating new stories, goals, hopes, and dreams that align with who you are today, not who you once were . In doing so, you will begin to live again and realize how powerful you truly are.

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