BeHigherBeings “Maskless Shopping” Event- Sunday, March 7th, 2021 11 a.m. @ Walmart (250 W. 65th St. Loveland, CO 80538)

Why: We’re here to help wake other people up all across the state and the country! The dangerous “COVID-19 MASK AND LOCKDOWN Narrative” and the crazy restrictions put in place under the disguise of an emergency have been going on for over a year now, and it is complete nonsense. The authoritarian rules are unwarranted and about control and corruption… NOT a virus. Many people simply do not have the courage to go into a store without a mask because of the ridicule they receive. THIS WILL CHANGE when they see a large group of people doing it and realize they’re NOT ALONE! Courage will be sparked inside of people that didn’t know it was there, and common sense and sanity will become the thing that’s contagious, helping to further expose the scam of the “virus narrative”. 

3 Quick points:

1.      Nobody has the right to tell anyone else how to breathe or live for that matter.

2.      Wearing a mask is far more dangerous than not wearing one as wearing a mask causes a lack of oxygen. (HEALTHY HUMANS 101: You need your oxygen) It is weakening immune systems, causing bacterial pneumonia, and not allowing our children’s brains and bodies to develop properly. It’s like asking someone to smoke cigarettes against their will. There is NO science that says masks work against the transmission of anything. NONE. N.O.N.E.- In FACT, “Germ Theory” is STILL a THEORY.

3.      The “mask up, lockdown, and vaccinate” life the mainstream is selling as the solution has made things far worse for the majority while unregulated governments, giant corporations, big pharma, a crooked healthcare system, and criminal multibillionaires profit on lives and businesses falling apart. Every “how to make money book” tells you that the time to make your big profit money moves is in a crisis… so why not create them if you have the power? It’s time for everyone everywhere to take off the masks and use.

Helpful web links-

***BeHigherBeings Maskless Shopping video playlist:

***Mask Facts: To learn more about the fallacy of masks as a health device, please watch this 53-minute documentary before the event. Every bit of scientific information and study used in the documentary is also linked on the page for your review. Check it out and share the crap out of

***Want to raise yours or someone you know “Current Events IQ” by 10,000+ points? For a deeper understanding on current events, please check out “Thrive”, a documentary that explains how any of this could be happening. It was made almost 10 years ago, and everything came true, so it’s not riddled with conspiracy theories.

***Want to sue the CDC and psychopaths like Tony Fauci? Go to the website below and click “Join Us”

***Get involved LOCALLY!!! –

***High Anxiety? Dealing with addictions? Want to learn about meditation, deprogramming from the mainstream, and rewiring your thoughts so they benefit your life instead of driving you crazy?? Let’s Talk!

FAQ’S- Why Walmart? Great question! Walmart is an easily identifiable national chain big box store that has been deemed essential and stayed open through the pLandemic narrative portrayed by the mainstream media. Wearing a mask for those who enter their stores is a “corporate policy” and not a local business owner following the rules just to stay open. Plus, for many small towns across the country, Walmart is the only place to shop so I want to use it as an example and let the small-town folks know they own their power too. The goal is to gain some momentum with this event and move on to stand up for business owners and residents everywhere. We are NOT powerless against this tyranny and we are showing the rest of the country that they are not either. 

Will anyone be recording the event? Yes. I will have a body cam and will also be recording on my phone. I’m going to post videos on my YouTube Channel with 2 strikes against it and another newly created channel in case this one gets deleted. It will be on Rumble, Instagram, Twitter, Fakebook, and wherever else I can think of. If you’re good/great/incredible or even horrible at making videos and spreading things on social media, please contact me directly.

Can I record and post the event on my social media? PLEASE DO! I also encourage you to livestream on whatever social media platform you prefer! It doesn’t matter if ONE video goes viral or ALL OF THEM! The more you post, the more people will see it and wake up. Record conversations between you and people you meet. Record someone finding the courage to take their mask off… taking their mask off! Post! Post! And keep posting! 

What About the Police and/or other confrontations? I have no buzz on the fuzz, but if they show up… ASK THEM TO JOIN US! Same goes for anyone opposing what we are doing. The police are people too and are also a fallacy of authority, so don’t blame the messenger. You are a sovereign adult human being caught in a system that treats you like a child, we all are. That’s why they think it’s okay to tell you to wear a mask, and that’s what we’re standing up to. Understand that for many officers, some of their job has just been degraded to enforcing weird mask rules that don’t need to exist, and it may go against every commonsense, logical bone in their bodies… they need hugs, not fear and anger. 

And to those who ask or insist that you to put on a mask, try not to hate because we’ve all been programmed, and the programming runs differently in everyone. Many people believe they’re “doing what they have to”, or “doing the right thing”, because “authority” or “the people on the TV” told them to… until the light bulb goes off on its own. Our Maskless presence will get past those beliefs and help light the light bulb quicker. I was asleep to much of what’s happening until a few years ago, so I understand that we all wake up on our own time. 

So, what happens if someone gets loud or angry? Remember what Jesus said to the people torturing him during the crucifixion. “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.” The same thing applies to someone asking you to wear a mask and even being angry about it… THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. It’s subconscious programming handed down by so-called authority that makes people protect the matrix, and they have zero idea it’s happening.

There is a deep subconscious fear a person must be in for them to ask someone else to reduce their oxygen intake for any reason. God didn’t design faulty human beings. But people are “required to” do stuff they don’t like doing. Get it? It’s not their fault. The fear of losing what we have makes us do crap we don’t want to do. 

The phony restrictions were handed down by Polis and other psychopaths who have/had no authority to do anything they did and have been enforced by people that don’t even want to enforce them… this causes more separation between neighbors.  We are Maskless AND Peaceful and NOT AGAINST our fellow human beings whether they be cops, Karen’s, or “just doing their job.” or anything else. And yes… be easy on “Karen’s” too please.

Who can help? You can! Event Organizers, GoFundMe organizers, videographers, local t-shirt printing shops (I have an idea for t-shirts using GoFundMe), people good with a camera, Sign makers, Flyer makers, social media marketers, people good at getting the word out, people with great information to share, and other people I can’t think of right now. I would love to hand out flyers with educational information on it. Let me know how you can help. Please direct any questions or comments to

Is this the last time we will do one of these? HELL NO. We the people will continue to stand up to this insanity until it is no longer necessary to continue. Please find local businesses that would like to have maskless shoppers spending their money locally and have them contact me so we can keep the movement going! Plus… I’m having a ton of fun meeting all of these new people so there is no reason for me to pull back! 


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