I recently did a very telling live stream with a guy named Craig McNeill on his YouTube show called, “Fight the Flat Earth”. The opportunity presented itself when I had unexpectedly showed up in a group messenger chat that, when I opened it, looked like a cat fight between special boy gamma sissies, arguing and insulting each other’s intelligence over the shape of the flat, stationary Earth. A friend Landry was trying to plan a debate about the shape of the Earth and apparently wanted my help doing so, and after a few words (texting) with Craig and his friend Robert who wanted to debate that the Earth is spherical and spinning at 1000 mph, I was happy to oblige for at least these two reasons. Uno, because it’s not a spinning ball, you find out how retarded that theory is as soon as you try and prove it, and B, because I knew I was about to learn something the personalities I just encountered.

I would call Craig a professional debater, and probably some other types of “baters”, but those are alleged. Moving on. While having over 500 debates under his belt, he also claims to have never lost a debate, which for me, means he may have overwhelmingly put himself in a prison of limited information, making it very difficult for him to expand or even understand how small the box he’s created for himself really is, because he’s in it and you can’t see the label from inside the bottle. Breathe, if you’re reading out loud or forgot to while reading silently. Now go… Plus, his fear base is approval based which means there’s virtue in his fear mongering that he sees as, or makes it come off as, “helping people”.

Stop helping people Craig. Your help is dangerous.

He fears other people being right because he is not, so as soon as the person he’s talking to makes perfect sense, it hits his fear-based bitch boy filter, and he comes with hard insults and calls the person stupid for the knowledge they have if it differs from what the authority figures told him is the correct thing to think. He knows what he knows because he paid for his education and maybe did well in school (approval based), and in his mind, anything learned in school, class, from a professor or, and this is a big one, an “authority figure”, can’t be wrong unless they came out and said they were wrong.

It’s the type of personality that thinks that if they didn’t hear it on the news, then it must not be true. He says “no”, or “nu uh”, or “that’s not right”, as soon as conflicting information arises, as if his disbelief, based on what he learned in his indoctrination, somehow matters in whether something is true or not. You may know this as cognitive dissonance, learned stupidity, and/or may relate it to Stockholm syndrome.

I’m using him as an example because he’s admittedly Godless, says he never loses a debate, and uses the “make someone feel stupid” tactic like that cunty little teacher’s pet did to everyone in school… he’s perfect. Hear that, Craig? You’re perfect! Just kidding. He’ll never read this, but he (his personality) is the ultimate description of the fear-based bitch boy, and I have public reference to this behavior on his own public YouTube channel, so you can watch it and learn what it looks like, and also some real time reactions from me to this personality that I learned from. Then, if you see yourself or anyone else close to you acting like this, you can take a deep breath and correct yourself and help those around you be aware as well. Even if he deletes the video we did, his behavior is all over his channel for you to witness. All you have to do is search “Fight the Flat Earth” on YouTube, and his channel pops right up. Onward.

We don’t have to fight anyone else’s behavior but our own, so please take this information and make yourself a better person with it, and don’t use it to attack people like Craig. You’ve read my suggestion. I’m not bashing Craig. I’m simply pointing out what this fear-base looks like, and I’m doing it hilariously and truthfully. The truth hurts sometimes and it’s also funny, which is why comedy can sound mean. If you’re triggered and emotions show up, notice them, don’t be afraid of them, feel your way through them, be nice to them, maybe even talk to them, and move on. If at any point while reading this, it feels like I’m describing things you’ve done or currently do, please just own it and stop justifying or excusing it. You’re reading this because you’re not Craig and are ready to release any fear-based bitch boy that shows up, which is a good thing. Plus, it might be the best way to get past it and stop letting it embarrass you or control your life. Those emotions are how you know you’ve been triggered so don’t be hard on yourself, feel through them and don’t give them to other people. In other words, don’t be a fbbb

Think of the fear-based bitch boy personality as a computer program granted with limited access a public library would allow, that is meant to warn and correct you of everything the mainstream narrative doesn’t want you to do or get involved in. They do this using nonsensical mainstream evidence because they lack the wherewithal to think for themselves, which is why they feel the need to convince everyone to go along with the narrative in the first place. They’re like the police of the narrative, they’re sheep that act as sheep herders, the ones to always follow instructions from someone as soon as the find out who’s in charge, and then repeat it to everyone not listening because they’re compelled to feel important. You just read gold. You’re welcome. Here’s more.

The scariest part of this is that for most of these learned idiots, the television (include internet mainstream news when I say television or the TV (do it)) is the one that’s in charge because that’s where all the famous and important people live. The ones who run the governments and tell the news stories and give their opinions and make the movies and sing the songs and play the sports and sell in the commercials and tell you how to live.

The TV pounds and dazzles the fear-based bitch boy from behind with fearful, indoctrinating biased studies and data so they’ll follow and repeat orders and information given by the news media outlets, big pharma, environmentalists, NASA and Elon, governments and politicians, the CDC and WHO, Bill and Tony Fauci, and it is NEVER NOT burning into their brains, plenty of reasons of why other people, in other countries, that they don’t know and have never met would need to die, and they just go along with the justifications given like they have any idea of what the fuck they’re talking about. Oops… I just made a swear. Every word the TV says is telling people how to think, and the fear-based bitch boy, or a “Karen” if it’s a lady type individual with a real vagina, eats up every word because that’s what they’re programmed to do. I just noticed the word “dual” is at the end of “individual”. Hmmm. Moving on.

The fear-based bitch boy is generally programmed with indoctrination information like most people on “first world” land masses have been, but they seem to have gotten so much approval for the remember repeat system, usually in the form of a letter grade or mom and dad’s raise in allowance, that they believe that they can’t be wrong. The addiction of authoritative approval is so great, that no matter how detrimental to their being, as long as there is approval from an authority figure in the mainstream, even if they can’t interact with it, they will continue to do the thing that is causing their greatest detriment. It may be the literal definition of a zombie.

That’s why you’ll always see the fear-based bitch boy running to put on a mask, standing in line for vaccines, defending their right to be obese or eat processed garbage all day, justifying addictions as things they can’t live without, and even try and make society accept the deviant actions of sodomites so they can live and make “normal” a life full of sin like the LGBTQ people have done. It makes sense right now to remind you that I’m talking about all of this from the perspective of someone who has explored many questions of my own, and have come to any conclusion based in experience, ownership of missing the mark, asking for and allowing for forgiveness, and repentance, all in Gods Glory. The best way to know a program is to break out of or transcend one. I’ll also remind you that I always reserve the right to explore my own opinions and even change them when new information presents itself, as well as the right to be wrong sometimes. But I’m not wrong here. Allegedly. Maybe.

The fear-based bitch usually believes that you have to do some weird thing the mainstream narrative says it requires (standing on a dot in a line can be one of them), or they could be in some sort of danger and then delusionally carry the belief that you, yourself, the healthy minded and bodied person that is not wearing a mask or putting poison in your body because you’re too fucking smart for that shit, does not care about humanity or other people because the TV told them so. That’s 100% what this Craig dude who heavily supports the masks and vax, told me as I shared a free audio copy of the book I wrote about healing my body with love and gratitude and connection with source. This is a manifestation of indoctrination. You can see how the “beast” is programming this behavior in people just by noticing the propaganda used to get people to wear masks saying that the virtue of the mask is “heroic” in that you’re doing it for someone else. FUCK THAT NOISE. Giggity.

“So, what do I do about this person Neil? I mean, just thinking of this person or having an encounter with this type of personality, I’m not gonna lie, I’d fucking slap this dude like a hoe in front of his mother and laugh with the cops when they showed up.” Great question and very descriptive. If you’re wondering how I knew exactly what was in your mind right there… call it a gift, but slapping him in front of his mother is not usually the answer. Usually. Instead, I’ll tell you this. A man much greater than my current being once said, and this has helped me understand indoctrination and forgiveness, “Forgive them Father! For they know NOT what they do!” Can you guess who said that? Sure you can. Now. For extra credit, what was the situation that man in when he said it?

I have found that this is a really great place to lay my foundation because it’s true, and it makes the personality less real or threatening, and definitely more laughable. Then the truth shows up that it’s God putting it there to test my resolve so I can grow, and I’m sharing the insights with you. Take what you want and leave what you don’t. Just because I typed it, doesn’t make it right, but I do know that If I’m working with God’s Plan, then I’m learning what he’s asking of me in the moment, and that’s worth sharing.

Here’s what not to do. You don’t have to give it any power. It’s meant to trigger you and bring out the worst response in you. What this personality preys on, is after he says something and the person loses their cool, he knows he’s got them in the battery. Even if the person losing their cool is 100% right in the moment, it doesn’t matter because here’s what’s happening. This guy triggers an emotion, usually something childish, like from childhood childish, and the adult version of you doesn’t like how it feels. So, the immediate knee jerk response is to give that emotion he just triggered right the fuck back by screaming something nonsensical like fuck you! Or Go fuck yourself! Or fuck you loser piece of shit asshole stupid mother fucking idiot! Maybe less, but you become the thing he wants you to be by you not knowing where the emotion is coming from or how to handle it when it shows up. 

It’s like this. The trigger happens. You feel a way you don’t like and scream nonsense. It’s like screaming “I don’t like feeling like this and I hope that YOU feel like this when I’m done screaming!” Get it? Try this one. “I want YOU to feel this way I feel so… fuckity poo poo, stink fart shit face lick a sack, cock, cunt, slut whore cum eating son of a…” Now do you get it? That bullshit and your uncontrolled emotion are what this personalities battery needs to power itself, and the more you feed it the more that personality type thinks it wins and the more it triggers you, and the more it powers the battery. That sounds like one of many reasons why ole Craig claims to have never lost a debate. His information is nonsense, but his personality brings out the worst in people, so he thinks he’s the winner.

You. Not you exactly. I just think the use of “you” gets the point across best in this explanation. You want him to feel how or what you’re feeling, and since you don’t understand it and hate how it feels, you may act a little like a retard, or a lot, to your own emotions and the energy in your own body. It’s not that he’s right about anything… at all. It’s this personality that triggers the “I WANT YOU TO FEEL HOW RETARDED YOU ARE AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT SO THIS IS THE RESULT!”, in you, and even if you’re not yelling, this energy may still draw some confusion. Let it happen and let it pass. Then watch as he gets his rehearsed bogus information, or “evidence”, and then tries to calmly, but also while smugly insulting you and revving up the ego for the next trigger, explains the position he believes is right. If you’re not in control of yourself, you’ll react to the next trigger you’re being revved up for. This type of personality doesn’t understand that evidence is always needed for a lie, but never for the truth. You do and just need to learn the emotions trying to control you if you find yourself in this battery often.

My advice? Breathe. Let that personality, win in its own mind and follow the truth God has laid out for you and serve it. That’s how we’re going to get through this zombie apocalypse with the mask and vax Covidian crew giving their Godless, societal blending virtue the hard sell. We need to look inside and win that battle before any other on the outside of us. Didn’t Jesus say that too, or at least something close? This is why I love meditation and prayer. I learn to control my own demons, the ones that make me react nonsensically and unfavorably, and with God’s strength, I continue to learn how to do it better every day. It’s my belief that this is part of God’s Plan. We’re seeds here to grow and in order to grow, our resolve must be tested, and when our resolve is tested and we accept and embrace the challenge, God rewards us and our flowering is things like what I’m sharing.

Remember: If the Revelations in the Bible are coming true then God’s Plan must be working perfectly.


Published by Neil Firszt

My mission is simple. I want to help people reach their full potential by understanding their limiting stories and learning to leave them behind. This leaves the space for creating new stories, goals, hopes, and dreams that align with who you are today, not who you once were . In doing so, you will begin to live again and realize how powerful you truly are.

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