My name is Neil Firszt. I am an author, life coach, workshop presenter, public speaker, blogger, YouTube video creator guy, and founder of BeHigherBeings.

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BeHigherBeings is a learning movement that teaches people that it’s okay to live and feel fully rather than hide our feelings, emotions, and the sensations in our bodies behind our chosen addictions. And when I say, “chosen addictions”, I mean that we choose the addiction, not the emotion that leads you to it. We are experiencing our lives, sensations and all, in a body that feels, and by doing that, we’re transcending the fear, anxiety, hate, distrust, and judgement that we’ve carried around for all those years, especially the crap we’ve carried about ourselves.

Instead of giving all that power and energy away to something outside of us like alcohol, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, social media, binge watching, 24 hour repeating news, yada, yada, yada, the list goes on, we’re learning to take that energy and turn it inward so it can be used for the purpose of what our soul wants and not necessarily what society and culture wants from you, even though society and culture need the sanest most loving you there is!

It’s a love movement with you as the center of it all. It’s learning to love the “inner child” and/or the “you that hates all that shit” in meditation and free yourself from the anxiety that can keep us addicted to our own struggles and make our life situations and relationships seem much more difficult than they really are. People in this high vibration ask, “what can I do to love the me that hates the thing?” and then does just that while their inner child is throwing a fit inside their body. It’s learning that it’s okay to feel our feelings and the sensations in our bodies, and that we don’t have to spend our lives searching for a fix to problems that doesn’t exist.

BeHigherBeings is about lifting others up and sharing our gifts with the world instead of doubting that we even have gifts to give. It’s being a space of support and love for yourself before you leave the house so you can be the healing space for yourself and the rest of the planet the rest of the day. BeHigherBeings is being at a level of self-love that is so strong, it inspires others to love themselves at that contagious level and maybe even higher. Can you imagine love so strong that it’s contagious? That’s the world BeHigherBeings is creating… but I can only start with me.

BeHigherBeings is a movement that is all about creating “enoughness” in and around ourselves, instead of saying, “I need that to be complete. Oh, wait it wasn’t that! It was this. Oh crap, it’s not this, it’s that thing over there. I’ll be enough when I have that thing over there… that my ego is weirdly making it seem impossible to get. Oh well, maybe one day…”. It’s a place that already exists inside of you that knows you’re enough without a sales pitch, without your addictions, without proving anything, and without getting the thing you want to get, because the thing your soul really wants, the thing you can’t see yet, is far more amazing than what the old story can see! You belong. You are enough. You’re far more powerful than you think!

When we allow ourselves to feel life fully, at greater and greater levels of awareness, we bring a deeper and more meaningful experience to our existence on this planet. Most people, including me, especially me, holy shit me, have learned to resist and medicate the sensations that happen in our bodies, and then call ourselves victims of anxiety, depression, alcoholism, addiction, disease, and more. While these things do exist in real life, it is nowhere near the level society pretends it is and BeHigherBeings wants to help you uncover just how powerful you really are, so you don’t have to live your life controlled by an unconscious identity with an ego that was created by a culture and society that aims to profit by having you believe that you’re not enough. In other words… it’s time to learn who we are!

I made a promise to myself and the Universe that if I was ever able to free myself from the anxiety and addiction prison that I was in, that I would spend the rest of my life helping other people do the same. Here we are.

There’s way more going on in your head than there is in reality!

Neil Firszt

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