The BeHigherBeings Story

I had originally started this website on a mission to prove that there was a cure for alcoholism, but found so much more as the cure for just about everything lies within all of us!

Most people on this planet have no idea what their full potential can be, including you and me, and I’ll explain in a bit. The fact that humans communicate as well as we communicate, have the ability to make decisions, and have the power to change any aspect of our lives and the lives of other people puts us in a unique position to do better for ourselves, which will positively affect everything and everyone around us.

We sometimes miss these opportunities to do better or even feel good about what we’re doing sometimes, because we fill our lives with reality shows, internet porn, and constant streams of media, noise, and news. We end friendship, relationships, and judge people over money, pick sides on everything we see, try and force our opinions down other people’s throats, and step over people that may or may not be in the way while we’re chasing one of our many insignificant possessions.

When you add this extra nonsense stress to the reality of life, children, family, and striving to accomplish your dreams, you might forget to sit down and find out what your body might have to tell your brain about the days activities and vice versa. If your phone syncs your daily activity with the cloud every night, then wouldn’t it make sense to sync your heart and brain, or your mind and your body in the same way?

It sounds so simple, but how many reading this can actually say that they do this every day, or even at all? Most people hold in, and then hold onto their emotions until they come out at the wrong times often hurting other people and sometimes themselves. This adds to an already anxious situation that may send you looking at the bottom of a bottle of vodka or excessively indulging in some other self-destructive behavior.

We tend to forget that it’s our consciousness that makes us higher beings, and that we have a responsibility to love ourselves, each other, and the rest of the planet. In this identity and outrage culture we seem to be stuck in, people want to be louder than everyone else and have justice served for the most minor infractions, often at the expense of logic and reason. We get so ingrained with thoughts and ideologies that have nothing to do with actual life, that we forget we’re human sometimes and that we do have the opportunity to let shit go.

My outlook is the perception of what I see by observing just like everyone else, but it’s also combined with a lot of what used to hold space in my mind. Life became a shouting match in my head, and then I became an alcoholic… and then it got worse. My mind was consumed with right and wrong, good and bad, and trying to see who I can get to agree with the bad decisions I was making, which made it seem like a good idea to  agree with other people’s bad decisions so I could return the favor. I was constantly having to fight with myself even though I knew what I was doing was not benefitting me at all, so I used alcohol to push down that fight as far as I could. If the battle in your mind is anything like this or worse, just know that there are solutions.

I began this journey with big potential with what I thought were big goals and dreams of curing my alcoholism, and then after I succeeded, I wanted to start helping people achieve the same thing by starting this blog. But as I continued to learn and continued to write, I began to find myself in all of this and really uncover the person that was trapped inside which means that much of the old “fake” me had to die.

The new me, the real me, sees much more potential than I used to because I’ve experienced a lot more of what my mind and body are capable of, and I’m learning I can help people with a vast array of disfunctions by teaching them to let go of their past and start living in the present, alcoholics included.

BeHigherBeings is a human consciousness movement to help people understand the anxiety, worry, fear, anger, self-doubt, unworthiness, and all the other emotions that haunt them, so they no longer have to live under the foot of depression, addiction, and with social anxiety. There is no war on anxiety, and there is nothing to fight for, because those are outdated and counterproductive ways of thinking.

It’s about you, your potential, how you can reach it, and then how you can see it grow! It’s about understanding how to look at the world through a more real, loving, and compassionate lens, by allowing all the little voices that give you bad advice say their piece in an environment where it can be of no harm. It’s also about understanding that holding onto negativity and resentment can make you and the environment you surround yourself with sick and miserable for no reason whatsoever, and that we can stop choosing to do so.

The human mind and body are equipped for anything if you have the knowledge and ability to sync and treat them properly, and I can’t wait to help you learn how! We all have anxiety, fear, and worries that bother the shit out of us each day, and sometimes it can be hard to let go, especially if you don’t know where it’s coming from. Send an email to for a free 1 on 1 session, so I can teach you some very simple but powerful methods to help calm your mind so it, and your body can heal. Any follow up sessions would be only $75.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish or get rid of… addiction problems, anxiety, depression, relationships, weight loss, chronic pain, anger, shame, guilt, alcoholism, smoking cigarettes, self-doubt, goal setting, or any area of your life that you might be having an issue with, the solution starts and ends with you! Send an email to to get started!

I’m excited to continue this journey of doing my best to be a higher being… and I can’t wait see you along the way!!!


1 on 1 live video call session! (1 hr)

Personal Development and Transformational Coaching! You’re having trouble in a certain area of your life like addiction, anxiety, depression, procrastination, losing weight, goal setting and achieving, or even just feeling stuck. Send an email to we can set up a 1 hour, live video call session that will help you clarify where your blocks preventing you from moving forward are, feel them, face them, let them go… and then start taking your life to the next level! This is for a follow-up session. The first session WAS $99.00 but get it NOW for ONLY $27.00




And don’t forget to check out my book on Amazon!

There is way more going on in your head that there is in reality. — Neil Firszt


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