The Bullshit Machine- #15 The Real Reason To Meditate

Welcome to Bullshit Machine! This video is a must watch if you’re not sure of the benefits of meditating, or if you’re not sure how to do it. It is not only a “how” to, but also a “why” to. It will address concerns about rogue thoughts, going down rabbit holes, and how to handle [...]

The Bullshit Machine- #14 You Have Permission

Welcome to the Bullshit Machine! Is not giving your self permission holding you back and keeping you addicted to anxiety, depression, and "something's wrong"? What does giving yourself permission even mean? Watch the bullshit machine and you’ll find out. #BeHigherBeings The Bullshit Machine #14

The Bullshit Machine- #13 How I Used Plant Medicine To Begin To Heal

Welcome to the Bullshit Machine! Yes… I’m talking about marijuana and how it can help you learn what your body has been trying to tell you about all the things we suppress on a daily basis. In this video, I share with you how I use marijuana like an emotional gauge and fill all those [...]

The Bullshit Machine- #12 Creating Space

Welcome to the Bullshit Machine! Want your life to start playing out like the way you see it in your head? Learn how to create the space for all of your possibilities to happen! #BeHigherBeings

The Bullshit Machine- #11 Just A Being Breathing

Welcome to the Bullshit Machine! How many moments do you take throughout the day to realize that you do not have to be your character? What if you were just a being breathing sometimes? What if you realized that you didn't have to "BE" anything to anyone or "ready for anything" when no one is [...]

The Bullshit Machine- #10 Giving Up That “Thing” You “Think”

Welcome to The Bullshit Machine! What is that thing you think about yourself that’s really the thing that’s holding you back? What's that thing you think about what everyone else "should" and "shouldn't" be doing? What's that thing you think that's always running in the background? It's that "thing" you don't really agree with but [...]

The Bullshit Machine- #9 Who Would You Be?

Welcome to the bullshit machine! The mind likes to play out future scenarios over and over again, and they're usually negative. What if everything was perfect? What if you had all the joy, love, success, family, and health you could ever ask for? Who would you be to the planet? Who would you be to [...]

The Bullshit Machine #8- How To Love A Panic Attack Away

Welcome to the bullshit machine! How, how, how do I love a panic and/or an anxiety attack away??? Are you F’ing kidding me Neil? No... No I am not. In this video I’m going to help you discover exactly how to do this, and I’m even going to map it out on the whiteboard. #BeHigherBeings [...]

BSM Clip* “Why Are You Hitting Yourself?”

The Bullshit Machine- #7 Something’s Wrong

Welcome to the bullshit machine! Anxiety is the condition in which your bullshit machine comes up with things that are "wrong" in your environment, and begins to search for an answer of how to fix it. Not sure if you believe that??? Have you ever been alone, heard a noise, and freaked out? Yeah... nothing [...]

The Bullshit Machine- #6 Anxiety and Your Truth

Welcome to the bullshit machine! It seems we're all looking for the truth, need to know the truth, or can't handle the truth! What is the truth? The truth about the truth is that it starts off with the facts, and then is distorted by the perceptions of with "our stories", and all the blame [...]

The Bullshit Machine- #5 My Thoughts Are Driving Me crazy!

Welcome to the bullshit machine!

The Bullshit Machine- #4 Getting Results

Welcome to The Bullshit Machine! What if the greatest results you could ever imagine were hidden by a bunch of self limiting stories you’ve been telling yourself for a very long time? What if the results you’ve been looking for aren’t there because you’ve been looking for what’s missing instead of being present, seeing the [...]

The Bullshit Machine- #3 Gratitude Is Your SuperPower!

Welcome to The Bullshit Machine! Thanks for checking it out! Is gratitude really a superpower??? It is when you know how far being grateful can take you. Want to be an episode of The Bullshit Machine? Send and email to with the bullshit machine in the subject line, and we’ll set up a video [...]

The Bullshit Machine- #2 The Resistance Game

Our egos likes to win, and when it can't win against it's outer environment (family, friends, boss, etc.), it's going to turn around and start winning against you. It's the B.S. monster that we all created inside ourselves, that judges and blames it's environment for its problems and then invents new reasons to resist life, [...]

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