Neil delivers transformative messages that will move each and every member of your audience regardless of background, occupation, or education.

Using a powerful blend of real life experience, vulnerability, being very good looking, world famous hilariousness, and maybe some singing, Neil presents deep and thought provoking ideas that opens participants’ minds to the uncharted territory of their lives and allows them to embrace their personal journey in confidence.

These time flexible keynotes are about beginning something big and breaking through the limitations people unconsciously set for themselves.

Inspirational. Motivational. Transformational. BeHigherBeings

Columbine, CO February 2020

Keynote Topics Include:

Programming and Addiction

How does your childhood programming influence your current life situation including addictions, relationships, and career? This keynote offers exactly that understanding on a different level, and provides effective solutions to overwrite these once mighty programs.

Own The Voice In Your Head

Own the voice in your head that keeps you in the prison of your own self-imposed limitations! Most humans are listening to an authority figure they’ve created in their head, and for many, it’s “gone rogue.” This keynote is all about how that force works, and how to eliminate these counterproductive thought sessions and move forward in confidence.

Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Personal style meets massive personal evolution. This keynote unearths the victim stories we’re carrying around with us and how they argue with the present moment and sabotage situations. A powerful communication offering lasting takeaways that have the authority to cause transformation.

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