5 Tips to Stay Present and Transcend Anxiety in this Time of Uncertainty

High anxiety from the Incredible Hulk truth punch to the face delivered by our best friend 2020? Awesome! BeHigherBeings is here to help in 2021! Check out the video! https://youtu.be/BaBZ2jB2U1s #BeHigherBeings Check out the new book!

Unmasked: Maskless Shopping

What do real people think about being forced to wear a mask while shopping in their favorite stores? I’m UNMASKED and ready to find out in this video! https://youtu.be/__zKlAfrG5Y Check out my new book! #BeHigherBeings

Joe Biden’s Terrorist Threat to the American People

And just like that, the so-called “president elect”, Joe Biden, tweets a terrorist threat EVERY CITIZEN of the U.S.A. https://youtu.be/hcVg7lZFts8 #BeHigherBeings

Unmasked: Maskless Shopping @ Walmart & Target

Check out the awesome responses I’m getting from shopping “maskless” in chain stores that require its customers to wear masks. Click here to help me change the world! https://youtu.be/_h_BfZIKaAY Click Here to Support the GoFundMe for this project! #BeHigherBeings

Taking Back Humanity in 2021: A Call to Action

This video is a call to all those people who know there is something very wrong on the planet right now, and are willing to stand up and take action with me. https://youtu.be/gzTWYfeB_4U FREE ON NEW YEARS EVE! #BeHigherBeings

Session 1 “Awakening to the Truth of Who We Are” 2020 Mega Symposium

This video is a must see! Especially if you’re someone that thinks they screw everything up! I ABSOLUTELY BLOW IT in my first international coaching event, and it opens the door for me to become my own shining example of how to acknowledge hidden emotions and unexpected truth when it shows up. #BeHigherBeings https://youtu.be/ONO-m8IEtGo

Finally! A Facebook Safe Ad for My New Book!

Since the Grand Exhalted “Zuck” and the rest of social media has cracked down on select words and topics, I have made this “Facebook Safe Ad” so my book has the opportunity to reach the people who want to read it! “Why am I so anxious all the time?” “How do I get rid of …

Get the Book Everyone is Talking About!

“Why am I so anxious all the time?” “How do I get rid of these addictions?” “What the heck is going on inside my head?” “Who is thinking the thoughts I don’t want to have?” “Do I even have a choice?” “What are these sensations in my body?” “Should I really be medicating them?” “What …

The Bullshit Machine: Transcending the Delusion of Who We Think We Are. Chapter 10 (Preview)

This is chapter 10 from the book I wrote called, “The Bullshit Machine: Transcending the Delusion of Who We Think We Are”. I wanted to share this chapter as a preview for the book, which will be out on 11/25/2020! This chapter looks through an evolving perspective and understanding of what God truly is to …

2020 Mega Symposium

The World is Calling! Are you listening? Hello MegaStars! 2020 has been a challenging year for many people around the planet. The impact caused by a number of global challenges has rippled through our societies, leading to consequences we could not have imagined at the beginning of the year. As we all come to terms …

BeHigherBeings Podcast with Guest Jill Ogle

https://youtu.be/W2z8RaZu_pY Welcome to the BeHigherBeings Podcast with Jill Ogle from Sacred Rebels! Join us for just under an hour of a heart to heart, authentic conversation between two life coaches! About Jill: Jill is a devoted student of self development and consciousness. She has used her learnings in her previous career as a successful Real …

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