5 Tips to Stay Present and Transcend Anxiety in this Time of Uncertainty

High anxiety from the Incredible Hulk truth punch to the face delivered by our best friend 2020? Awesome! BeHigherBeings is here to help in 2021! Check out the video! https://youtu.be/BaBZ2jB2U1s #BeHigherBeings Check out the new book!

Unmasked: Maskless Shopping

What do real people think about being forced to wear a mask while shopping in their favorite stores? I’m UNMASKED and ready to find out in this video! https://youtu.be/__zKlAfrG5Y Check out my new book! #BeHigherBeings

If Trump Used the Emergency Alert System Just Like Twitter to DECLASSIFY Everything!

What would happen if President Trump Used the EAS just like Twitter to declassify everything the swamp doesn’t want us to know about? Watch the video and laugh your butt off! https://youtu.be/8vrJJjroDoI Click here to get the NEW BOOK! #BeHigherBeings

Unmasked: Maskless Shopping @ Walmart & Target

Check out the awesome responses I’m getting from shopping “maskless” in chain stores that require its customers to wear masks. Click here to help me change the world! https://youtu.be/_h_BfZIKaAY Click Here to Support the GoFundMe for this project! #BeHigherBeings

Not A Doctor

https://youtu.be/nSbyLB98p60 Hi, I’m not a doctor which means I haven’t spent $250,000 and 12 years of my life being brainwashed by Big Pharma. In this video, I’m here to question the 3 main actions the narrative is telling us to take so we can stay healthy. Enjoy the video! Questions? I bet you got ‘em. …

Masked and Insanitized! “Lady, don’t sanitize that!”

https://youtu.be/ZKdkMW6CRyE I’ve been doing a lot of inner work recently, and in that inner work, I’m finding different parts of myself, and my childhood that I’ve been suppressing for years because I’ve been afraid people will think the creativity I express is “stupid”. Enter Tommy. Tommy is an inner version of me that just sees …

20 Minute “Holy Shit” Transformation- Selfie Therapy: I LOVE YOU

This video is filled with power and permission to let go of the past stories that you and your childhood self have been holding onto! And some snot. Enjoy! #BeHigherBeings https://youtu.be/C88XZ_JR_oc

Meditation- Sit & Feel

In this video, I’m explaining to you, the best way I can, the easiest, most basic way to “get” meditation. The most basic way is simply sitting and feeling your body as the sensations created by your thoughts and emotions keep funneling through with as little judgement as possible about anything that’s happening. There’s a …

Life is Lived from the Inside- Mental Roadblocks

Thanks for checking out Life is Lived from the Inside! Today, I’m talking about the road blocks that show up in meditation when you set your intentions. An example would be, if you set an intention for joy, and then meditate, all the roadblocks to your joy will show up. Even though the first thought …

A Letter to my Childhood Self

Human beings take a lot in throughout our lives and end up keeping much of the fear, pain, sadness, anger, and resentment inside for reasons that are always our own. In this video, I’m sharing the letter that I wrote to my childhood self letting him know that he’s far more powerful than he imagined …


Includes a 90 Minute Kick Off Session With ME (excludes “just the material”)Email Support w/ My Dialog (includes “just the material”)Discover Uncharted Territory in Yourself and ExpandHeal Emotional TraumaTransform A Self Sabotage Way of BeingReclaim Your Personal PowerMove At Your Pace (whatever you want) or Mine (30 Days)Heal Your Mind And BodyYour Soul Is Fine …

The Bullshit Machine- #20 The Truth

Welcome to The Bullshit Machine! Believe it or not, giving up our habits and some of the things we love for a while, might be the fastest way to hear, see, and feel the things you’ve been avoiding paying attention to in your life. There’s nothing wrong with the doing the things we love, but …

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