Meet: James Warda

While going through a job search, James Warda was referred to Neil. Over the course of several conversations, Neil helped James “become a truer version of himself” and, in turn, James helped Neil refine his message and provided writing and marketing support. Along the way, they became friends.

“It only took a few minutes of talking with Neil to realize that he was the real deal.”

I was going through a difficult period in my life, which included resisting my current situation and identifying with some really tough stories I was telling myself… about myself. Neil had a way of immediately putting me at ease, which started with sharing his own stories openly and vulnerably, and also not pulling any punches when it came to calling me on my own stuff. He also has a great sense of humor and an angelic singing voice (ok, he made me say that part).

All of that combined makes him a life coach I now refer many people to. And, come to think of it, I just realized that I came up with his new nickname, ‘Real Deal’ Neil!”

– James Warda, Communications and Marketing Professional, Author of Where are we going so fast?, Adjunct Professor, Keynote speaker and front man for “The Groove,” a funk/rock/blues band.

Meet: Dave Warden

A chance meeting at the health club led Dave Warden and Neil to find they were both authors with books about self improvement. A friendship quickly developed, and Dave and Neil used their workouts to help each other refine and polish their works.

“I can honestly say meeting Neil was a turning point for me. In a year where I experienced divorce, job loss and cancer, Neil’s coaching helped me keep things in perspective. And without that perspective, I would have let what was going on in my head run amok. Not only did I benefit greatly from my association with Neil, but the book I was writing as a hobby turned out quite well. When I learned there was way more going on in my head than in reality, and why that was happening, I was able to push past the impediments I had set in front of myself and live a better life.”

– Dave Warden, Owner/Consultant, Warden Consulting.
Author: Don’t Be That Guy (Kindle Books)

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