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You’re going through an awakening which means the Universe is removing what you are not to make space for what you are, and that can feel scary. You are not the old patterns, anxieties, addictions, and ways of being that so much of humanity still trying to grasp onto.

Life is making space to show you how powerful you really are, and I’m here to help you adapt through the anxiety that comes with the new potential that’s being exposed to you. This means we must evolve out of our old stories, and learn to create from a new space of infinite possibility. The power you have is yours and comes with a lot of responsibility, and much of adapting to the anxiety is learning how not to give it away to the fear based models of control.

I’m not here to fix your problems. I’m here to help you remember how to use the tools that you forgot you had, so you can life the life you’re here to live!

Neil Firszt

We’re going to pick apart the bullshit machine (ego) and get straight to what’s holding you back and keeping you addicted to a life that no longer aligns with who you are. The best way to be successful is to get to the core of your anxiety and self-doubt and rediscover the tools you already have to take the next steps forward and have life work for you, not against you.

Hiring a coach is taking a big step forward to making real transformations in your life, but it’s definitely not for everyone. And maybe more importantly when you’re looking is knowing if Neil Firszt is the right person for you, and if you’re the right person for Neil Firszt. Make sense? I want to help everyone, but we should understand what transformation means in these sessions before we begin.

In our free 30 minute interest chat, we’ll learn what you want to uncover, and maybe even what you didn’t know you wanted to uncover!

By the end of the conversation, we will absolutely know if we are ready to continue, and if you’re ready to hire me as your personal development coach and help you:

  • Heal Anxiety and Addiction Caused by Emotional Trauma
  • Transform the Self-Sabotager into the Self-Flourisher
  • Reclaim Your Personal Power and…
  • Use it To Create the Life You Want
  • Make Choices that Lead to Health and Well-Being
  • Heal Your Mind and Body
  • Be in Alignment With Your Callings
  • Stop chasing success and goals your small story created to overcome its own feeling of lack
  • Learn how to shed the old stories that have been keeping you in a cycle of anxiety, addiction, and bad decisions
  • Focus your energy where it matters… you
  • Learn how to spend your energy and time on fulfillment and creativity
  • Master your created “self” and learn what beliefs are still being carried that are dragging you down
  • Look anxiety in the face, with your face, letting its face know that you’re okay with it being there, and love what you’re learning from it

1 On 1 Transformation Sessions

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1 ON 1 Tranformational Session with Neil Firszt

On average 90 minutes of creating space for transformation that supports you at the highest level with email and text support.


Contact Me for Group Sessions Here!

I’m also planning 1 day meditation events and Bullshit Machine seminars in the Denver Area in 2020! Contact me here for “in person” meetings in the Denver area as well.

Just a tip from me… if you need to use the 30 minutes and have no intention of moving forward, I encourage you to PLEASE DO SO! You never know what you can learn in a half hour and this isn’t about money, it’s about connecting with human beings. Even if you can’t get over a hump or seem to be stuck on something and you just need another way to see your goals clearer, contact me and see what we can accomplish! Struggling to attain and maintain sobriety goals, business goals, relationship goals, social goals, health goals and more doesn’t have to be the story you tell yourself every day!

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