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Introducing the first video in the BeHigherBeings Instructional Video Series!

5 Strides To Kick Your Addictions

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Personal Development and Transformational Coaching! Addiction. Weight Loss. Relationships. Meeting People. Parenting. Career Transition. Anxiety and Depression… and MORE

Live 1 on 1 video conference sessions that will help you conquer your fears and anxiety and start moving forward with confidence!

Send an email to neil@neilfirszt.com to set up your first session for only $97!

We will discuss the limitations that are holding you back and keeping you addicted to a life that no longer benefits you. You’ll learn how to ease your anxiety and self-doubt so you have the tools to take the next step forward in your life. You’ll learn self-awareness, meditation, and how epigenetics and neuroplasticity works so you can use your environment to your advantage!

I’ve helped hundreds of people with problems ranging from alcoholism, to achieving goals, and all the way to cancer by using all the same mind and body techniques that helped me crack the code to my alcoholism, weight loss, and even reversal of the damage done to my failing organs caused by years of excessive drinking. Many people even contact me after breakups or to help understand their partner in their relationship to see if it should be saved. Most are surprised at how their spouses change just by adjusting some things about themselves!

Even if you can’t get over a hump or seem to be stuck on something and you just need another way to see your goals clearer, contact me and see what we can accomplish! Struggling to attain and maintain sobriety goals, business goals, relationship goals, social goals, health goals and more doesn’t have to be the story you tell yourself every day!

Click here to contact me for a $97 1 hour session!

1 on 1 live video call session! (1 hr)

Personal Development and Transformational Coaching! You’re having trouble in a certain area of your life like addiction, anxiety, depression, procrastination, losing weight, goal setting and achieving, or even just feeling stuck. Send an email to neil@neilfirszt.com we can set up a 1 hour, live video call session that will help you clarify where your blocks preventing you from moving forward are, feel them, face them, let them go… and then start taking your life to the next level! This is for a follow-up session. The first session WAS $99.00 but get it NOW for ONLY $27.00


Matrix Alcohol Recovery Program

The Red Pill changes the expression of unhealthy genes that cause alcoholism and gives you your life back.

The Blue Pill has you surviving and not drinking, but you’re struggling and you believe that your sobriety is all you have and all you’ll ever have because you’re doomed to be an alcoholic for life.

Which one do you choose???

photo of green data matrix
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

Have you been in an alcohol or addiction recovery program and feel like you’re gong nowhere? Or worse yet, maybe it’s getting harder everyday. Are the people in your recovery environment saying that you’re going to be an alcoholic forever? Did you know that they are dead wrong and that the method used is simply a childish scare tactic?

The ideology that you’ll never recover from addictions like alcoholism is based on 100-year-old data that society is still hanging on to. It’s like we’re in a cultural hypnosis of stupidity! Advancements in neuroscience, epigenetics, cellular biology, and quantum physics, have given us a far better understanding of how the mind/body connection works, and as it turns out, humans a far more powerful than previously recognized. In fact, your mind/body connection is so powerful that it’s the main contributor to your health!
Understanding the effect that feelings and emotions have on your state of being is key because that is the forefront of your environment. On the surface, emotions are the end result of an event, and good or bad, how long we choose to hold onto them is always a choice that will affect your health and behavioral patterns. On a biological and neurological level, emotions are made up of chemicals and neurological pathways that can be either built or removed by the environment that you create. And on the quantum (or subatomic) level, your emotions and feelings are simply a rate of frequency or vibration that can be changed with practice and the proper knowledge and implementation of how to do so.
Epigenetics is the understanding that genes act only as blueprint and need to be signaled by the environment they’re in before they can have any effect on your health. The Matrix Recovery Program combines epigenetics along with the most accurate sciences, and research to give you the tools and support you need to start signaling change to the genes that harbor your addiction. In this program you will learn what strides to take to change the expression of your alcoholic genes, and how to implement them into your daily life.
This 6-week course will teach you how to get rid of triggers and anxieties that cause cravings and the desire to drink alcohol. It teaches you what your body is looking for to change, how to stop negative thoughts that create unhealthy stress chemicals that cause our autonomic nervous system to shut down leaving it open to attack, and how to replace the constant loop of resentment, disconnectedness, or any trigger emotion.
You will learn how to signal new, healthy genes that make new and better proteins and amino acids (the building blocks of life), so you can build a bigger and better new you! The process of up regulating new healthy genes and down regulating old, tired, and unhealthy genes is way easier than you think.

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The process is simple, but the work is still work. In fact, if you believe that you’re going to give this a half effort and expect to recover, then I would rather you NOT join the course until you’re ready. The processes that you’ll put in place are designed for the sole purpose of changing the expression of the genes that caused alcoholism to become a reality. You’ll also have the tools to deal with the PTSD of alcoholism, which has never really been addressed in traditional recovery programs.
Many people, including the prescription writer that we see once or twice a year, don’t have a good understanding on where addiction comes from, so they try to fight the dis-ease with fear by telling people that this alcoholic version of themselves is never going away. While we may think that’s fine with a child and an electrical outlet, but trying the scare method on an adult human being creates a codependent individual that has given up their power to something they believe is greater than themselves. Isn’t that the culture in recovery these days?

Is alcoholism a disease? Separate the word into two words and you get dis-ease, meaning “not at ease”, so I will call it a dis-ease. The label of the condition doesn’t matter anyway, it’s the label of the human that is harmful to your health.
Little did we know that between the ages of 0-7, we are in what’s called the programming stage, or hypnosis stage, in our development as humans. During that time, we are “programmed” by our environment, and have no actual say (yet) in how we determine what our thoughts and opinions are. Unfortunately, any event may be misunderstood at the time, and we hold onto childhood fear that effect our adult lives greatly if we don’t have the proper tools to deal with the situation at the time. We are going to dig deep into your program and find the root cause of your alcoholic ways, rip them out like a weed, and replace that program with one that you decide. Your going to be ripped out of your alcoholic Matrix just like Neo in the movie… if Neo was an alcoholic. You get what I’m saying. You’re going to create a new life and leave your dis-ease behind!

The program will start with the 9 strides I used for my own recovery.  They’re the same 9 strides I’m currently using to help cancer patients, diabetics, and of course alcoholics to recover. That’s right… this also helps down regulate cancer genes and other environmental conditioned dis-eases. I use the word strides because they are far more than just running through some steps. They are strides in life that will help you not only with alcoholism, but are put in place specifically to up regulate healthy genes and down regulate unhealthy genes so you can heal your mind and body and get on with life without attending endless negativity meetings that go on forever.

Remember that just by attending a meeting that forces you to state “I am an alcoholic”, it’s taking your recovery and throwing it in the toilet according to neuroscience and epigenetics.

By repeating statement like this, you are confirming to your subconscious that you are, in fact, an alcoholic, so your brain/body sees no reason to change. It will continue to conjure up cravings for alcohol and the desire to get drunk because you’re constantly to tell yourself that you’re an alcoholic, and your body is responding accordingly. Going against how your brain and body biologically work is the current model for recovery, and our culture still defends it with anger and an “I’m right” attitude when the model is 100% scientifically, dead wrong… cultural hypnosis!

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I will use Skype or Zoom for face to face interactions as many times needed, but will schedule at least three (3) calls per week for six (6) weeks, so we can go over the process/progress, and make sure that you know everything you need to know to recover, and how to implement everything you’ve learned. Email support is also available just by sending an email. If you are local to the Chicago area, we can meet to go over the processes in person. I will also be providing a reference guide that I put together so you can have more explanations on how we manifested our addictions, and the healthy ways to go in the other direction to signal different genetic expressions!

The 6 Week Matrix Recovery Program

CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! 6 weeks (3 calls per week= 18 total calls) of learning rapid stress and anxiety reduction, and learning to make epigenetic and neuroplastic changes that will stick to close the road to alcoholism forever!




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