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Addiction and recovery are widely misunderstood, and the popular solutions leave millions of people struggling just to make it through the day. This creates an environment of stress and anxiety, that can leave someone struggling with a dependence problem vulnerable to continued substance abuse. The solutions that you’ll read in this book will alleviate that environment by putting the focus on you. Having a lifetime of alcoholism experience, I have found that alcohol is only your problem on the surface. I have learned that alcoholics (like my former self) use alcohol to deal with past problems that we did not have the coping skills to deal with.

This process will help you learn how to find the root of the problem and rip it out like a weed. The information in here is the real deal for recovering from alcoholism or any addiction, from food to social media to pills. Use the solutions in this book by themselves or add them to any recovery program that you’re in now, to make what you’re already doing more effective. It will work either way. This will give you the formula, including nutritional changes, of how to change the genetic expression of the alcoholic gene, making your cravings and desire to use drugs or alcohol go away for good. Recovery is not a fight like traditional methods promote, it’s a realization of how powerful the human mind and body really are and using these simple methods to our advantage to recover for good!

This program in this book might just be the easiest thing that you’ll ever do! It’s a solution to alcoholism that works with your mind and body instead of against it! We became addicts for reasons that stemmed from way before we were even allowed to drink. We are not fighting the substance that we’re addicted to, we are finding the root of the problem and dealing with that, so it no longer has control over your life!

5 Star Reviews!

Courageous in depth chronical of an amazing life changing ordeal. Excellent read. Well executed.

Island Goose
5.0 out of 5 stars
April 7, 2018Format: Kindle Edition

Written intelligently. A good, true story without blaming others.
No “oh woe is me”
but takes charge of his own destiny.
Easy hints to incorporate into your personal lifestyle.


5.0 out of 5 stars
April 6, 2018Format: Kindle Edition

This book is a quick and inspiring read. It gets right to the point and reads like a conversation. It reminds me of a conversation catching up with an old friend. Its also nice to see that even in the worst there is light at the end of the tunnel regardless of the situation.

Cookie & Hans

5.0 out of 5 stars
April 6, 2018Format: Kindle Edition


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