Masked and Insanitized! “Lady, don’t sanitize that!” I’ve been doing a lot of inner work recently, and in that inner work, I’m finding different parts of myself, and my childhood that I’ve been suppressing for years because I’ve been afraid people will think the creativity I express is “stupid”. Enter Tommy. Tommy is an inner version of me that just sees […]

What Does a Life Coach Do For Anxiety?

What I’m doing to transcend anxiety! As a life coach, people usually tell me that I have some unique perspectives on how to handle the anxiety that shows up in our daily lives, and I’m sharing some of them in this video! If you’re tired of living in confusion or turning to an addiction […]

20 Minute “Holy Shit” Transformation- Selfie Therapy: I LOVE YOU

This video is filled with power and permission to let go of the past stories that you and your childhood self have been holding onto! And some snot. Enjoy! #BeHigherBeings

Life Is Asking Us To BeHigherBeings

The Universe is shifting from our familiar 3-D consciousness into 5-D consciousness and Life is asking all of us to BeHigherBeings right now, which comes with more responsibility than we’ve ever known. We can choose to give our power away to the judgement and hate that shows up while keeping up with the news and […]

Humanity’s Fear of Living

Dear Infinite, Powerful, and Beautiful Beings of Earth- There’s a major truth about this pandemic that most people have been unwilling to look at, which is humanity’s fear of life that’s being masked as the fear of death. There are roughly 7.7 billion people walking the planet with each of us being our very own […]

Where Is Your Power?

Where is your power? Who and what are you giving it away to? What could you accomplish if you chose where it goes instead of giving it away by “reacting” to everything? How important would it be to have it when you “fail?” You deserve to keep your personal power for you and not give […]

Holy Shi(f)t!

I started meditating for 3 hours per day 29 days ago and so much of the personal power I had trapped behind the importance of my egoic desires is coming to light! We are all so much bigger than all the lies happening in the news right now, but believe it or not, the answers […]

Adapt. Evolve. Create.

I’ve meditated for 3 hours every morning for the past 17 days and the content just seems to flow like a river! As I sit and listen to silence, I’m adapting to the sensations in my body which allows me to transcend fear and emotional pain stored from childhood, and evolve into a new state […]

Adapt to What Is, So Creation Is Possible

What if this quarantine is actually life telling everyone who’s willing to listen that there is a new normal? What if the anxiety you might be feeling during this forced look inward just needs to be understood and not medicated? After 16 days of meditating for 3 hours every morning, here’s what I have learned. […]

Transcending Fear

Fear lives in all of us and when it arises our first reaction is usually resistance. But what if fear was something to face right now every time it shows up? What if when fear shows up, instead of using a distraction like social media that can input MORE fear, we could slow down, look […]

Meditation- Sit & Feel

In this video, I’m explaining to you, the best way I can, the easiest, most basic way to “get” meditation. The most basic way is simply sitting and feeling your body as the sensations created by your thoughts and emotions keep funneling through with as little judgement as possible about anything that’s happening. There’s a […]

Opportunity for Humanity

There’s a great big opportunity for humanity right now! Basically, most of the working people on planet are getting “sick days” and OVERWHELMINGLY- MOST of the planet is NOT sick. What does this mean? Remember the job you had last week and how important it was to be on time, not take sick days, cash […]

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