Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves LIVE Workshop

Sunday February 2nd @ 1pm until 4-ish pm at the Columbine Public Library! 7706 W. Bowles, Littleton CO 80120 How To Overcome Negative Thinking! Presented by: Neil Firszt What is the workshop all about? What will I learn? This is a FREE 3 hour workshop that will help you understand and transmute the negative thinking […]


Includes a 90 Minute Kick Off Session With ME (excludes “just the material”)Email Support w/ My Dialog (includes “just the material”)Discover Uncharted Territory in Yourself and ExpandHeal Emotional TraumaTransform A Self Sabotage Way of BeingReclaim Your Personal PowerMove At Your Pace (whatever you want) or Mine (30 Days)Heal Your Mind And BodyYour Soul Is Fine […]

Look and Feel Like A New You in 2020! Lose 5 lbs. Watching This Video

Life is lived from the inside! Look and feel like a new you in 2020!! Really? 5 lbs. just from watching the video! Maybe not as you watch but pay attention, and you’ll get the clues as to what is keeping the weight on. Good luck! The Program. We’ll spend 4 weeks uncovering the emotional […]

I'm Doing My Best

Life is lived from the inside! You got a voice in that noggin of yours that’s controlling every move you make, and Y-O-U has no clue it’s happening! When you learn about this, you are going to laugh your ass O to the double F at “your” anxiety! Watch this video to learn what the […]

Love Fear Until It's Not Scared

Life is lived from the inside. Many people believe they are the fear they feel. What if that fear just wants you to love it until it isn’t scared anymore? Its name is FEAR, so it may be a little frightened. But if you can truly love it like a puppy, it will have no […]

Own The Voice In Your Head- Flow Group

Have you ever thought a thought you didn’t want to think? And then spent all day, week, or longer trying to figure to out, or trying to get it to leave? 🥴 Do you get angry easily or make a scene over things you KNOW are no big deal? 🤯 Have you asked “the see […]

You Are the Change You Need- Life is Lived from the Inside

Life is lived from the inside! In this video, I’m bringing the past into the present. Holy “fat Neil,” BATMAN! Check out the roughly 3.5 years ago version of me! Change a possible and change is real! You are the only change you need. Changing the way you feel on the inside, will change the […]

How NOT to Beat Yourself Up- Life is Lived from the Inside

On this episode of “Life is Lived From The Inside,” I’m addressing the question, “Why do we beat ourselves up?” If you don’t know the answer, don’t beat yourself up about it! The goal of this video is to help you recognize when it happens and how to stop it! It’s a weird natural, human […]

Life Is Lived From The Inside

Life is Lived from the Inside. I want to show you how in this new YouTube Series. Anxiety can make life look pretty distorted because it’s usually looking for something to blame for the way you feel. What if you had the ability to CHOOSE the way you feel about what you see? How would […]

The Bullshit Machine- #19 Arguing With Reality

Welcome to the Bullshit Machine! You’ll definitely want to watch this one if you want to hear the exact way I handled a recent panic/anxiety attack. Anxiety is the mind and body arguing with the reality of right now. It’s taking the past and bringing it into the present. It’s making you believe that the […]

Morning Power Routine! Get your Rocky Balboa on! 3 minutes. Almost Too Easy!

Watch this today, tomorrow, the next day… and the next! Start a new morning routine that takes only 3 minutes to do! Do it 3 X’s per day and it will completely change the way your day unfolds! Start the day with confidence in yourself. I’m calling it the “Rocky Balboa” pose in this video […]

The Bullshit Machine- #17 Programming And Addiction *BONUS* HOW I QUIT SMOKING!

Welcome to the Bullshit Machine! It’s been a while since I posted one of these, so sorry if you missed them. I think expanding outside of doing this is just as important as it is to expand inside of this. And it brings a different insight to the Bullshit Machine, especially when I took the […]

The Bullshit Machine- #16 You Are Here

Welcome to The Bullshit Machine! Much, if not all of our anxiety comes from living in that bad neighborhood we call our mind. The funny thing is, that in order to do that, we have to NOT be here… in this “right now” moment. Call it insane. Call it the human condition. Call it whatever […]

The Bullshit Machine- #15 The Real Reason To Meditate

Welcome to Bullshit Machine! This video is a must watch if you’re not sure of the benefits of meditating, or if you’re not sure how to do it. It is not only a “how” to, but also a “why” to. It will address concerns about rogue thoughts, going down rabbit holes, and how to handle […]

The Bullshit Machine- #14 You Have Permission

Welcome to the Bullshit Machine! Is not giving your self permission holding you back and keeping you addicted to anxiety, depression, and “something’s wrong”? What does giving yourself permission even mean? Watch the bullshit machine and you’ll find out. #BeHigherBeings The Bullshit Machine #14

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