The “PCR Test” and Where’s Waldo?

The test used to detect COVID cannot detect infectious disease. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to know if someone has Covid with this test which means there’s a very good chance, like 99.999999% good, that COVID-19 does not exist. The RNA they’re looking for is in every human being on the planet and all they have to do […]

The “NOCEBO Effect” Pandemic

If you know about the “placebo effect”, then you know how powerful it can be when it comes to healing the human form, and you also know that it’s the human body that does the healing. But what about the opposite of the placebo effect called the “NOCEBO effect”? Can the NOCEBO effect be powerful […]

I’m Baaack… On The Melancholy Condition Podcast!

Check out The Melancholy Condition (Season 3 Episode 18) with ME… and of course, the host Darius Velasquez for a really deep hour of talking about COVID-19, life in quarantine, how to boost our immune systems, a simulation virus idea I’m having fun with, and a new normal. DO NOT pass up this episode! About […]

Opportunity for Humanity

There’s a great big opportunity for humanity right now! Basically, most of the working people on planet are getting “sick days” and OVERWHELMINGLY- MOST of the planet is NOT sick. What does this mean? Remember the job you had last week and how important it was to be on time, not take sick days, cash […]

Don’t Buy Into the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Media Scare!

As someone who has healed his internal organs without doctors and pharmaceuticals, and knows just how powerful the human mind and body really is, I would like to share my perspective on what to do about all the fear and panic being circulated in the media about the #coronavirus. You’re confused. You don’t need toilet […]

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