Humanity’s Fear of Living

Dear Infinite, Powerful, and Beautiful Beings of Earth- There’s a major truth about this pandemic that most people have been unwilling to look at, which is humanity’s fear of life that’s being masked as the fear of death. There are roughly 7.7 billion people walking the planet with each of us being our very own […]

Transcending Fear

Fear lives in all of us and when it arises our first reaction is usually resistance. But what if fear was something to face right now every time it shows up? What if when fear shows up, instead of using a distraction like social media that can input MORE fear, we could slow down, look […]

Don’t Buy Into the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Media Scare!

As someone who has healed his internal organs without doctors and pharmaceuticals, and knows just how powerful the human mind and body really is, I would like to share my perspective on what to do about all the fear and panic being circulated in the media about the #coronavirus. You’re confused. You don’t need toilet […]

Love Fear Until It’s Not Scared

Life is lived from the inside. Many people believe they are the fear they feel. What if that fear just wants you to love it until it isn’t scared anymore? Its name is FEAR, so it may be a little frightened. But if you can truly love it like a puppy, it will have no […]

Day 88- The Identity Of Sensations. 100 Days Of BeHigherBeings. Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Thanks for joining me on day 88 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings… changing the stories we tell ourselves. We believe that we feel fear, sadness, anxiety, guilt, shame, etc., because it is going to be associated with a sensation in your body, and that’s the joke. In reality… You’re feeling a sensation and you named […]

Day 38- Thinking Out Loud (Fear). 100 Days of BeHigherBeings. Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Thanks for checking out day 38 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! It’s thinking out loud time again! A conversation with a friend of mine about fear sends me down a rabbit hole of what scares us as individuals, and I end up taking a deep look at how irrational most of our fears really are […]

Day 7- Afraid of Being Happy. 100 Days of BeHigherBeings. Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Welcome to day 7 of 100 Days of BeHigherBeings! A little self connection can help you find out what your subconscious believes about you! Thanks for checking out the video! #BeHigherBeings

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