Life is Lived from the Inside- Mental Roadblocks

Thanks for checking out Life is Lived from the Inside! Today, I’m talking about the road blocks that show up in meditation when you set your intentions. An example would be, if you set an intention for joy, and then meditate, all the roadblocks to your joy will show up. Even though the first thought […]

I’m Doing My Best

Life is lived from the inside! You got a voice in that noggin of yours that’s controlling every move you make, and Y-O-U has no clue it’s happening! When you learn about this, you are going to laugh your ass O to the double F at “your” anxiety! Watch this video to learn what the […]

Love Fear Until It’s Not Scared

Life is lived from the inside. Many people believe they are the fear they feel. What if that fear just wants you to love it until it isn’t scared anymore? Its name is FEAR, so it may be a little frightened. But if you can truly love it like a puppy, it will have no […]

How NOT to Beat Yourself Up- Life is Lived from the Inside

On this episode of “Life is Lived From The Inside,” I’m addressing the question, “Why do we beat ourselves up?” If you don’t know the answer, don’t beat yourself up about it! The goal of this video is to help you recognize when it happens and how to stop it! It’s a weird natural, human […]

Life Is Lived From The Inside

Life is Lived from the Inside. I want to show you how in this new YouTube Series. Anxiety can make life look pretty distorted because it’s usually looking for something to blame for the way you feel. What if you had the ability to CHOOSE the way you feel about what you see? How would […]

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