Learning Meditation to Heal Anxiety & Boost Your Immune Sysytem (Free Q & A Webinar!) (LINK INSIDE!)

Join me for 90 minutes of learning (in a Q and A format) why your mind makes it hard to meditate and connect to source where your problems have solutions.

Addicted to the Chemicals of Our Emotions

Day 50 of beginning my day with 3 consecutive hours of meditation! Here’s what I remembered today. I can’t convince anyone who’s unwillingly that they’re not in danger, nor is it my job. I’ve been trying to do this since I was kid with my mother. And in a big way, I’ve also been trying […]

Gods and Goddesses- The Significance of Meditation

What’s the significance of meditating for 3 hours per day for 46 days (so far)? How about realizing that we’re ALL god’s and goddesses that are begging to give our power away to addictions, hearsay, authority, and a whole list of things that don’t serve the power we have! The truth is that every one […]

Where Is Your Power?

Where is your power? Who and what are you giving it away to? What could you accomplish if you chose where it goes instead of giving it away by “reacting” to everything? How important would it be to have it when you “fail?” You deserve to keep your personal power for you and not give […]

All Access Pass To Your Truth

This might be my favorite video so far! Day 40 of beginning my day with 3 consecutive hours of meditation. What do you get for loving yourself for 3 hours a day to start your day? Meditation gives each and every one of us an all access pass to who and what you are! Find […]

I’m Baaack… On The Melancholy Condition Podcast!

Check out The Melancholy Condition (Season 3 Episode 18) with ME… and of course, the host Darius Velasquez for a really deep hour of talking about COVID-19, life in quarantine, how to boost our immune systems, a simulation virus idea I’m having fun with, and a new normal. DO NOT pass up this episode! About […]

Meditation- Sit & Feel

In this video, I’m explaining to you, the best way I can, the easiest, most basic way to “get” meditation. The most basic way is simply sitting and feeling your body as the sensations created by your thoughts and emotions keep funneling through with as little judgement as possible about anything that’s happening. There’s a […]

Opportunity for Humanity

There’s a great big opportunity for humanity right now! Basically, most of the working people on planet are getting “sick days” and OVERWHELMINGLY- MOST of the planet is NOT sick. What does this mean? Remember the job you had last week and how important it was to be on time, not take sick days, cash […]

You Are the Change You Need- Life is Lived from the Inside

Life is lived from the inside! In this video, I’m bringing the past into the present. Holy “fat Neil,” BATMAN! Check out the roughly 3.5 years ago version of me! Change a possible and change is real! You are the only change you need. Changing the way you feel on the inside, will change the […]

Day 84- You’re Not A Puzzle Piece… You Don’t Need To Fit In. 100 Days Of BeHigherBeings. Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Thanks for joining me on day 84 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! It’s hard to find yourself when we’re always looking for acceptance from the outside world. Love and accept your self first, and you won’t feel the need to try and change who you are just to fit in. #BeHigherBeings

Day 25- Making Time. 100 Days Of BeHigherBeings. Changing The stories We Tell Ourselves

 Thanks for joining me on day 25 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! I used to carve time out of social media time, tv time, email time, and even general time wasting time, so I could make time to meditate. But now I find that making time for the time wasting time wasters is a waste […]

Day 24- How Good Can I Feel? 100 Days Of BeHigherBeings. Changing The Stories we Tell Ourselves

Thanks for joining me on day 24 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! I’ve been experimenting with a little game I’m calling “How good can I feel?” And it’s paying off big time! Check out the video to learn what I’m doing and start using it today! #BeHigherBeings

The Cubs, Kardashians, And Other Nonsense We Distract Ourselves With

The human physical form is made up of roughly 50 – 100 trillion cells and each one of those cells is producing 100,000 different chemical reactions every second of every day that we’re alive! Can you imagine what our lives would be like if our conscious thought was the force behind such a massive mathematical […]

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