Learning Meditation to Heal Anxiety & Boost Your Immune Sysytem (Free Q & A Webinar!) (LINK INSIDE!)

Join me for 90 minutes of learning (in a Q and A format) why your mind makes it hard to meditate and connect to source where your problems have solutions.

20 Minute “Holy Shit” Transformation- Selfie Therapy: I LOVE YOU

This video is filled with power and permission to let go of the past stories that you and your childhood self have been holding onto! And some snot. Enjoy! #BeHigherBeings https://youtu.be/C88XZ_JR_oc

The Bullshit Machine: Transcending the Delusion of Who We Think We Are. Chapter 10 (Preview)

This is chapter 10 from the book I’m writing called, “The Bullshit Machine: Transcending the Delusion of Who We Think We Are”. I wanted to share this chapter as a preview for the book, which will be out in July, but also as a different perspective and understanding of what God truly is to me […]

Life Is Asking Us To BeHigherBeings

The Universe is shifting from our familiar 3-D consciousness into 5-D consciousness and Life is asking all of us to BeHigherBeings right now, which comes with more responsibility than we’ve ever known. We can choose to give our power away to the judgement and hate that shows up while keeping up with the news and […]

11 Minutes That Can Change Your Life… and the Planet

You’re going through an awakening which means the Universe is removing what you are not to make space for what you are, and that can feel scary, but I’m here to guide you through it. You are not the old patterns, anxieties, addictions, and ways of being that so much of humanity still trying to […]

The Universe is Shifting! Are You Ready to Adapt. Evolve. Create.?

What is Adapt. Evolve. Create.? Adapt.Evolve. Create. is a 4 week program that will help you discover your true power by uncovering the person that has always been inside but were afraid get to know. Anxiety is the sensations in our bodies caused by the subconscious programs in our minds that love to argue with […]

Humanity’s Fear of Living

Dear Infinite, Powerful, and Beautiful Beings of Earth- There’s a major truth about this pandemic that most people have been unwilling to look at, which is humanity’s fear of life that’s being masked as the fear of death. There are roughly 7.7 billion people walking the planet with each of us being our very own […]

Givers and Takers

You must know the taker in yourself to know the giver in yourself and vice versa. As the saying goes, “You cannot know black without knowing white.” Are you ready for that level of honesty in your life? The people pleaser in you will always see the takers in your life as givers. So much […]

Control Needs Your Power for Control to Exist

Control needs your power to exist. Meaning that the ONLY way for control to exist, has you handing over you personal power to be controlled so control can be a thing. You must hand your power over to fear for fear to exist. You must look for things to be angry about for anger to […]

Are You Giving Away Your Power to the People on the TV?

Follow your own path and think for yourself! Watch out for the advice given to you from the people on the TV and I the rest of the media. They’re passing off made up future predictions, projections, data, and research as truth, and promising you a life they could never deliver. You can choose to […]

Dear Mom- A Letter From The Heart of My 10-Year-Old Self

Dear Mom- I’ve been crying a lot lately, but you already know that because you’re here with me right now helping me release the pain of the stories I’ve carried in my life through this letter. Much of it may sound like anger, sadness, and blame, but it’s the only way I know how to […]

BeHigherBeings- Make “Imagine” Happen

51 consecutive days of meditating for 3 straight hours to begin the day can help anyone gain more clarity in their lives. The insight in this video is very special to me because it’s all about taking BeHigherBeings to a completely different level, and creating a better world than we ever imagined. This video isn’t […]

Addicted to the Chemicals of Our Emotions

Day 50 of beginning my day with 3 consecutive hours of meditation! Here’s what I remembered today. I can’t convince anyone who’s unwillingly that they’re not in danger, nor is it my job. I’ve been trying to do this since I was kid with my mother. And in a big way, I’ve also been trying […]

Gods and Goddesses- The Significance of Meditation

What’s the significance of meditating for 3 hours per day for 46 days (so far)? How about realizing that we’re ALL god’s and goddesses that are begging to give our power away to addictions, hearsay, authority, and a whole list of things that don’t serve the power we have! The truth is that every one […]

Where Is Your Power?

Where is your power? Who and what are you giving it away to? What could you accomplish if you chose where it goes instead of giving it away by “reacting” to everything? How important would it be to have it when you “fail?” You deserve to keep your personal power for you and not give […]

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