What Does A Life Coach Do For Personal Growth?

https://youtu.be/UpR_QhUGxcM It’s all about personal growth! In this video, I’m sharing an amazing experience I’m having right now by responsibly keeping the emotions that are usually subconsciously blamed on the outside world, and transmuting them for myself so I don’t pass them on to other people and strengthen the narrative. Curious about coaching? Click HERE […]

Masked and Insanitized! “My Body Is Trying To Get Rid Of That”

https://youtu.be/5nHfoWyoqPk On this episode, Tommy questions why we would want to keep the remnants of a sneeze in a mask so we can breathe it back in again when our bodies work so hard flexing and contracting to get rid of it. He also finds how keeping his emotions and loving them instead of giving […]

Masked and Insanitized! “Lady, don’t sanitize that!”

https://youtu.be/ZKdkMW6CRyE I’ve been doing a lot of inner work recently, and in that inner work, I’m finding different parts of myself, and my childhood that I’ve been suppressing for years because I’ve been afraid people will think the creativity I express is “stupid”. Enter Tommy. Tommy is an inner version of me that just sees […]

What Does a Life Coach Do For Anxiety?

What I’m doing to transcend anxiety! https://youtu.be/he1_ewx4So0 As a life coach, people usually tell me that I have some unique perspectives on how to handle the anxiety that shows up in our daily lives, and I’m sharing some of them in this video! If you’re tired of living in confusion or turning to an addiction […]

Awakening to the Power of Vulnerability

https://youtu.be/pEQtkrUG1dk Life is asking us to awaken to the power of our own vulnerability it requires very little effort. I think just made the most vulnerable video I’ve ever made. In case you were wondering, this is the video so you can watch it now. Or you can wait until after you’re finished reading the […]

The “PCR Test” and Where’s Waldo?

The test used to detect COVID cannot detect infectious disease. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to know if someone has Covid with this test which means there’s a very good chance, like 99.999999% good, that COVID-19 does not exist. The RNA they’re looking for is in every human being on the planet and all they have to do […]

The “NOCEBO Effect” Pandemic

If you know about the “placebo effect”, then you know how powerful it can be when it comes to healing the human form, and you also know that it’s the human body that does the healing. But what about the opposite of the placebo effect called the “NOCEBO effect”? Can the NOCEBO effect be powerful […]

What is a Virus Looking For?

Viruses are not alive and they’re not out to get you, but they do target unhealthy immune systems, so your strong immune system is your absolute best defense. So why are we being asked to cut off our oxygen supply which will weaken our immune systems? I don’t have one clear answer on that but […]

“Do You Remember?” Brand New Song!

This is a brand new song written by a very good friend of mine, James “but you can call him Jim” Warda, and I really wanted to share the powerful and vulnerable vibe it delivers. Over these past few months of quarantine and craziness, Jim has taken his personal journey inward to uncharted territory, faced, […]

Learning Meditation to Heal Anxiety & Boost Your Immune Sysytem (Free Q & A Webinar!) (LINK INSIDE!)

Join me for 90 minutes of learning (in a Q and A format) why your mind makes it hard to meditate and connect to source where your problems have solutions.

20 Minute “Holy Shit” Transformation- Selfie Therapy: I LOVE YOU

This video is filled with power and permission to let go of the past stories that you and your childhood self have been holding onto! And some snot. Enjoy! #BeHigherBeings https://youtu.be/C88XZ_JR_oc

The Bullshit Machine: Transcending the Delusion of Who We Think We Are. Chapter 10 (Preview)

This is chapter 10 from the book I’m writing called, “The Bullshit Machine: Transcending the Delusion of Who We Think We Are”. I wanted to share this chapter as a preview for the book, which will be out in July, but also as a different perspective and understanding of what God truly is to me […]

Life Is Asking Us To BeHigherBeings

The Universe is shifting from our familiar 3-D consciousness into 5-D consciousness and Life is asking all of us to BeHigherBeings right now, which comes with more responsibility than we’ve ever known. We can choose to give our power away to the judgement and hate that shows up while keeping up with the news and […]

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