Awakening to the Power of Vulnerability Life is asking us to awaken to the power of our own vulnerability it requires very little effort. I think just made the most vulnerable video I’ve ever made. In case you were wondering, this is the video so you can watch it now. Or you can wait until after you’re finished reading the […]

Control Needs Your Power for Control to Exist

Control needs your power to exist. Meaning that the ONLY way for control to exist, has you handing over you personal power to be controlled so control can be a thing. You must hand your power over to fear for fear to exist. You must look for things to be angry about for anger to […]

Are You Giving Away Your Power to the People on the TV?

Follow your own path and think for yourself! Watch out for the advice given to you from the people on the TV and I the rest of the media. They’re passing off made up future predictions, projections, data, and research as truth, and promising you a life they could never deliver. You can choose to […]

Where Is Your Power?

Where is your power? Who and what are you giving it away to? What could you accomplish if you chose where it goes instead of giving it away by “reacting” to everything? How important would it be to have it when you “fail?” You deserve to keep your personal power for you and not give […]

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