Day 24- How Good Can I Feel? 100 Days Of BeHigherBeings. Changing The Stories we Tell Ourselves

Thanks for joining me on day 24 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! I’ve been experimenting with a little game I’m calling “How good can I feel?” And it’s paying off big time! Check out the video to learn what I’m doing and start using it today! #BeHigherBeings

Be The Person That Makes You Happy

When you’re happy with who you are, nobody else’s approval is needed to achieve your dreams! Life gets easier when you start loving yourself! Related Article: #BeHigherBeings: How To Be Happy  

Finding Ways to Love Yourself… With a Little Help

If you had a chance to take a substance that would tell you exactly how you were feeling so you can deal with those emotions right then and there, would you use it? “Have you learned about the importance of knowing how you’re feeling or why you’re feeling a certain way yet?” might be an …

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