Are You Giving Away Your Power to the People on the TV?

Follow your own path and think for yourself! Watch out for the advice given to you from the people on the TV and I the rest of the media. They’re passing off made up future predictions, projections, data, and research as truth, and promising you a life they could never deliver. You can choose to […]

All Access Pass To Your Truth

This might be my favorite video so far! Day 40 of beginning my day with 3 consecutive hours of meditation. What do you get for loving yourself for 3 hours a day to start your day? Meditation gives each and every one of us an all access pass to who and what you are! Find […]

The Bullshit Machine- #6 Anxiety and Your Truth

Welcome to the bullshit machine! It seems we’re all looking for the truth, need to know the truth, or can’t handle the truth! What is the truth? The truth about the truth is that it starts off with the facts, and then is distorted by the perceptions of with “our stories”, and all the blame […]

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